Technology is ever-evolving, driven by the human brain (and now also AI) and never ceasing to come up with new methodologies, practices and ideas for developing and using it better. Therefore, continuous education and ongoing training are an important part of any modern worker's day-to-day, and software or performance testers are no exception. As new testing tools and practices emerge, testers should expand their knowledge to ensure they can continue to effectively and professionally test and improve system performance. In addition, by committing to learning, testers can also ensure they remain relevant in their field while advancing their careers.

Consider this your starter guide to continuous training and education as a performance and software tester.

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JMeter Load Testing Tutorials

The cornerstone of software testing is open source JMeter. Therefore, the first step of learning software testing should include a number of JMeter load testing tutorials.

JMeter load testing tutorials come in the form of blogs or videos. So choose your favorite format and dive into learning JMeter load testing at your own pace and convenience. With the right JMeter load testing tutorial resources, you can quickly gain the knowledge and skills you need to become an expert JMeter tester.

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Learning Testing Frameworks

Once you have a firm grasp of JMeter, it’s time to move on to learning how to use additional testing frameworks for software testing. There are multiple testing frameworks that cover various use cases, so it’s important to understand which one can cater to your needs.

  • If you are looking for another testing framework for load testing on top of JMeter, you can learn how to use open source Taurus. Taurus simplifies the use of multiple load testing solutions.
  • For browser automation and cross-browser testing, learn about the Selenium testing framework. Selenium is a very popular test automation tool. It has multiple advanced capabilities, so be sure to cover both the basics and advanced use cases of this open source testing framework. An additional browser automation testing framework that is extremely popular and worth learning about is Cypress.
  • For automating the testing of mobile applications, learn about the Appium testing framework.
  • Finally, to test your Flutter mobile apps, learn how to integrate Flutter with the Perfecto testing framework.
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How to Use BlazeMeter for Performance Testing

BlazeMeter is the leading performance testing and continuous testing platform. Therefore, learning how to use BlazeMeter for performance testing is essential for any tester, developer, and organization that wants to ensure its applications are reliable, robust and provide their users with the best user experience. BlazeMeter is also easy to use and understand, so learning how to use BlazeMeter for performance testing will be a breeze.

Whatever your testing need is, learning how to use BlazeMeter for performance testing, from the basics all the way to advanced edge use cases, will help you ensure software reliability and code quality, end-to-end.

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Test Data Lessons

As you dive into running your own software and performance tests, you will discover the need for test data - data used in the testing process to simulate production-like conditions.

  • First, it’s important to understand the value of test data, how to generate it and how test data can be used to augment your performance tests.
  • Then, move on to advanced test data use cases and to features that enhance the use of the data, like test data pro. Test data pro automatically identifies hard-coded data in scripts and generates more test data of the same type and for edge cases. It also enables controlling the probabilistic distribution of randomly generated values.
  • Finally, for advanced users, we recommend learning about test data orchestration that explains how to prepare the data in the test environment.
  • Test data lessons also cover additional types of needs, like how to generate test data for GUI functional testing and for mobile tests.
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