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Significantly Outperform Your Competition

Easy to Run

BlazeMeter is easy to use, even for beginners. Simply upload your script, easily configure your test in the intuitive GUI, and run.

Open Source Compatibility

BlazeMeter is fully compatible with the latest versions of many open source testing tools, such as JMeter, Gatling, Selenium, and Taurus. Simply use your favorite tool, upload your script, then run it on BlazeMeter. 

Global Scalability

BlazeMeter runs in the cloud, so you don’t have to rely on your own machine’s resources when scaling the number of virtual users or limit yourself to specific locations.

CI and APM Integrations

BlazeMeter integrates with your CI workflow tools and with APMs. You can schedule and run your tests from the command line as part of your larger workflow and with every commit.

Online Support

Our superstar support team can assist with any issues you encounter with our platform. If you run into challenges with your testing, BlazeMeter’s experts have you covered.

Share Results with Managers

BlazeMeter enables collaboration within teams as well as exporting results into an executive summary format.

Insightful Reporting

BlazeMeter reports are clear, comprehensive, and insightful. Analyze performance KPIs including throughput, error rate, response time, and more.

Test Data

Stop scrambling for test data. BlazeMeter provides the data you need for testing so you can get comprehensive results for your tests. Learn more from this BlazeMeter blog.

Avoid Black Friday E-Commerce Website Crashes

What happens when you don't do Black Friday testing?

Every year, e-commerce and retail websites whose owners have not prepared for Black Friday, crash. Company websites that slow down or don’t respond, drive buyers to competitors sites. It’s a no-brainer, customers will go where shopping is fun and easy. Once a customer leaves your site, who knows if they’ll come back.

Your traffic when you test:

When you test...

Your traffic when you don't test:

...vs when you don't
New York Times Logo

Hear how the New York Times prepares for peak news days.


BT Group Logo

BT prepares to stream the Champions Cup and Premier League


Make Your Black Friday Load Testing a Success

  1. Start load testing early to catch bottlenecks earlier.
  2. Load test your complete stack. Infrastructure and software.
  3. Monitor your load test backend results. View and analyze performance KPIs.
  4. Create and simulate real world scenarios. Build scenarios based on user habits.
  5. Monitor user experience. Test web browsers and operating systems.
  6. Include third party partners and suppliers in your testing. Ensure dependencies and third party scripts to determine that all components are functioning.
  7. Test on mobile devices. Ensure a good desktop and mobile shopping experience.
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“Running tests on BlazeMeter proved to be invaluable in preparing us for this huge event. It was especially useful for testing the database on the backend, I don’t know how we’d have simulated this in any other way.”

— Brendan Reville, Software Engineer at Code.org

Start Black Friday Load Testing Today

Now is the time to run performance tests on your website or app.