Functional Testing

Simulate millions of users to ensure functional correctness.


Functional Testing by BlazeMeter


BlazeMeter Makes it Easy to Do Functional Testing

Scriptless Testing Simplifies Test Automation

No more complex scripting languages and manual technical processes to worry about when creating your tests. Simply drag-and-drop predefined test actions to create and modify tests. Reduce maintenance by managing reusable components and objects, and record & capture test objects on the fly with no configuration needed. Learn how to use this feature at BlazeMeter University.

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Record Rather Than Code!

Save time and maintenance on complex scripting! Now you can easily record a Selenium script directly in your browser with the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension. The same scenario will be recorded both in Selenium & JMeter in a single, synchronized session.

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Use Your Existing Selenium Scripts

Run all your existing Selenium test suites on BlazeMeter - all you need to do is change a single line of code. With BlazeMeter you can test your front end under load in the cloud and scale over 2 million virtual users. Combined reporting allows you to quickly pinpoint problems. With BlazeMeter, you'll be testing in minutes.

Alternatively, if you have an existing Selenium setup or JMeter installed, you can convert your recording into a JMeter JMX file or Taurus YAML file, then edit these scripts to your needs and run a Selenium script using your local browser or do a test run of your JMeter script from your local computer.

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One Platform, Multiple Options

With BlazeMeter, running functional tests has never been easier. Use our recording feature to build scripts on the fly or import your own scripts. Add BlazeMeter performance tests to give your teams a complete testing view. Combined with Perfecto, we offer a complete solution, from mobile to mainframe.


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