LoadRunner vs. BlazeMeter

The main difference between Loadrunner and BlazeMeter is BlazeMeter lets you accelerate your digital, agile and DevOps transformation with an open-source-based enterprise solution. Switch from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter for your new projects!

Script Converter

Go from LoadRunner or SoapUI to BlazeMeter

Quickly and easily convert your test scripts to JMeter and BlazeMeter. This free, powerful tool does wonders for accelerating your test velocity and moving your testing strategy in a more modern, agile-focused direction.


BlazeMeter Script Converter

Is your testing doing everything you need it to?

Assess your testing with a BlazeMeter expert and see how your testing can be improved.

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Why move to BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform?

Legacy tools hold back your ability to respond to marketplace opportunities. See why BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform is chosen by shift-left and traditional testing teams.

Shift Left Features



Fully Integrated Continuous Testing Functionality

Shift quality left to keep pace with agile dev. Spend more time innovating and less time maintaining your toolchain.

Start Testing in Minutes

Easy-to-adopt SaaS platform that can be learned in minutes. Use our LoadRunner conversion tool to instantly convert your scripts to JMeter or Selenium.

100% Open Source Compatible

Work with the tools your developers love such as JMeter, Jenkins, Selenium, WireMock, and more.

Suited For Every Team

Shift-left teams can use “as code” in the IDE or traditional testers can use with the lightweight UI. Achieve full team collaboration with no user limitations.

Massive Scalability, No Massive Effort

Scale up to 55+ geo-locations, and 4 million + virtual users and/or behind the firewall, with no additional cost.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“It was hard to find people with the right skillset to operate LoadRunner. JMeter™ and Gatling are two very common skillsets, so it was easy to find people to integrate BlazeMeter in our Continuous Testing initiatives.”

Large Media Enterprise

“We needed a solution that augments the capabilities of open source testing tools. We didn’t want to have to use a proprietary legacy tool (which typically restricts our level of control). BlazeMeter enabled us to leverage the in-house skillsets of JMeter and Selenium. It was cost effective and yet gave us the ability to simulate the desired load volumes. More importantly, BlazeMeter’s dashboard makes results analysis easy!”

Computer Software Company

“The high price of HPE LoadRunner and the high price of its maintenance fees caused my organization to look for an open source alternative for performance testing and continuous testing.”

Former LoadRunner User

“We chose BlazeMeter over LoadRunner because of its strong connection with the open source communities”

Computer Services Enterprise

“As a small business, cost is everything. BlazeMeter gave us a solution that was low-cost, yet scalable. BlazeMeter’s customer support is available whenever we need them.”

Computer Company

Complete Continuous Testing For The Enterprise. One Platform. 100% Open Source Compatible.

Embracing Agile: How CommBank Made the Switch from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter