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Massively scalable, open source-based performance tests.


Load and Performance Testing from BlazeMeter


Why BlazeMeter Load Testing?

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Upload and Configure High-scale Performance Tests in Minutes

Upload and configure your scripts with our intuitive UI, leveraging your favorite open-source tools like Apache JMeter™, Selenium, Gatling, Grinder, Locust, and others. You can control threads, hits/sec, arrival rates, and more - all in real-time. Utilize our multi-test capabilities to run and analyze your tests in smaller components and in parallel to speed test cycles.

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Scale Up and Run Multiple Tests in Parallel to Speed Test Cycles

BlazeMeter lets you simulate over two million virtual users from 56 locations across the globe (Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America). Choose your preferred cloud provider: AWS, Google, or Azure. Do you need to test within your private network or on your own cloud? No problem. Drive load from behind your firewall with BlazeMeter's Dockerized private agents. Install in minutes and test continuously from development to production.

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Enhanced Mobile Testing

BlazeMeter Performance testing can be used in conjunction with your mobile tests for user experience testing. Using BlazeMeter in tandem with Perfecto, you can test both your mobile user experience and your backend under load in the cloud and scale up to two million virtual users. The solution simulates realistic mobile traffic patterns.

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Ensure Accurate API Testing with BlazeMeter's Auto Correlation Plugin

BlazeMeter's Auto Correlation plugin offers software testers the ability to ensure accurate and reliable API testing in dynamic environments. This open-source plugin uses advanced algorithms to detect dynamic parameters in recorded test scripts, removing the need for manual updates and saving users countless hours. With Auto Correlation, proposed changes to correlate identified values are automatically made, making it easier to get recorded test scripts ready for execution.

And now you can save your auto correlation rules as templates so you can use them over and over again — transforming the way you test and speeding up delivery. Upload templates to your repository in BlazeMeter and share with the rest of your team, which will save you time and resources.

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BlazeMeter Scriptless Performance Testing

Interactively build testing scenarios with ease, from simple single-endpoint tests to complex multi-step workflows. Select Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete, Options, Head, or Connect. Create assertions on Text, Response time, JSONPath, JSONPath value, XPath, or Regex. Extract response data and store in variables to be used in subsequent requests. Define default address, global variables and global headers to be used in multiple calls. Harvest the created script after any test run & commit to your repo if you like.


Shift Left to Ensure Code Quality

Become more agile by automatically and continuously testing smaller pieces of code. BlazeMeter is compatible with CI tools like Jenkins or TeamCity as well as with APMs like New Relic and continuous testing tools like Taurus.

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