Cloud Load Testing Scalability

Scale beyond the hundreds of users that JMeter supports. Use BlazeMeter to effortlessly simulate thousands or millions of concurrent users in 50+ locations worldwide. Run many tests in parallel to speed test cycles. Just choose your location and cloud provider, and get ready to scale. You can also test from behind your private network or cloud in minutes.

Integrations for Shift Left Agility

Integrates with CI/CD tools like Jenkins or TeamCity and with APMs. Set test automation as part of your CI pipeline. Run your test every night, with every build. Monitor results to optimize and remove bottlenecks.

Reporting & Collaboration

JMeter provides local reports with limited data. With BlazeMeter, you get real-time insightful reports on a visualized web dashboard. Analyze throughput, error rate, latency, and more. Access KPIs in real time or months later for trend analysis. Share easily with team members, leadership or other stakeholders.

Chrome Extension Recorder

Recording on JMeter is complicated. With BlazeMeter you can easily record all HTTP/S requests and actual user interactions. Get a ready-to-use JMeter or Selenium script to execute in BlazeMeter. Or, get a synchronized JMeter and Selenium script. Use this automation to shorten the test creation process and make testing accessible to all!

Test Data

Every test needs test data! Get synthetic data that performs like real production data. Addresses, dates, times, credit card numbers, band accounts, and more - BlazeMeter provides it all!

Service Virtualization

Easily configure service virtualization to emulate unavailable services. Don’t let environment constraints slow you down. BlazeMeter has all the capabilities you need, built right into our platform. Reduce complexity when testing your applications.


Enjoy The Open Source Benefits of JMeter, Plus More.

Load testing with JMeter™ and BlazeMeter gets you continuous code quality, efficient and successful deployments, and satisfied users. New to BlazeMeter? You can start testing in minutes.


Load Testing Types You Can Run with BlazeMeter

Performance Testing

Run every time you release a new version to identify bottlenecks, bugs and errors. Ensure performance and functionality to keep your application from crashing or slowing down when your users need it.

BlazeMeter Performance Testing

Load Testing

Run cloud-based load testing to find out how your system handles heavy loads of thousands or millions of users to examine speed and stability. Test to avoid crashes, as part of your regular testing routine and before big events.

BlazeMeter Load Testing

Stress Testing

Run before major events like Black Friday or product launches to analyze system behavior under extreme loads. Make sure your users stay with you, not your competitors.

BlazeMeter Stress Testing

Spike Testing

Run occasionally to check your system’s sustainability for unexpected traffic spikes. Prepare for the unexpected and ensure your system can handle the loads and recover quickly.

BlazeMeter Spike Testing

UX Testing

Combine UX and load testing to see what your user sees under heavy loads. Make sure your app is ready for whatever the world throws at it - on every device and platform!

BlazeMeter UX Testing

JMeter Testing Tutorials

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