Jenkins Testing Solutions from BlazeMeter

Achieve superior test coverage with every code push.


Why Jenkins Testing?

You are already developing and releasing, why Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)?

Faster Deliveries

Frequent, automated deliveries of smaller portions of code generate faster releases with less bugs. Deliver the product your customers need now, not what they needed a year ago. Jenkins helps you become agile.

Higher Code Quality

Automated testing earlier in the development cycle and in parallel ensures all bugs and vulnerabilities will be discovered before deployment. Avoid code patching and bug fixes at the last minute. Optimize continuously before production.

Continuous Feedback

Fail fast and fix fast to release quickly and seamlessly. Get immediate feedback to remediate code faster and reduce test and development cycle times. Discover bugs before they have an impact on users.

Efficient Testing

Remove the testing bottleneck. Orchestrate all tests as part of an automated pipeline to get complete coverage and ensure code quality. Testing just became easy.


New to CI/CD?

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Continuous Testing with Jenkins CI/CD

Continuous testing is an essential part of the agile development cycle. BlazeMeter is compatible with CI tools like open source Jenkins or TeamCity.

1. Create Your Performance Tests

Create test scripts in JMeter intended to run at every build. Scale them in BlazeMeter for testing performance and load, to find bottlenecks. Create tests for your daily scenarios as well as for your edge cases and unexpected traffic spikes. Missing test data? Use BlazeMeter Test Data.

2. Automate Tests with Jenkins

Schedule tests to run automatically in Jenkins after every build. Run hundreds or thousands of tests in parallel, every day. Integrate your load and performance tests into your CI/CD pipeline to catch issues before production and to achieve agility by shifting left your testing.

3. Accelerate, Streamline, Release

Execute locally as sanity checks before deploying into your CI/CD pipeline. Get alerted about fails, fix, and release with quality. Achieve true continuous testing and continuously optimize your code by testing on time!

Introducing the Jenkins Plugin

Use BlazeMeter’s Jenkins Plugin to automatically run your load test scripts into Jenkins and analyze the reports in Jenkins. You can also set the final Build status as good, unstable or failed, based on the reported error percentage and response times KPIs.

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3 Ways to Use Jenkins for Load and Performance Testing

  1. Load test automation - Leverage Jenkins to automate your test executions instead of manually running them.
  2. Continuous Integration - Trigger test runs based on your needs, like after every build or every night.
  3. Jenkins with Taurus - Manage your tests easily in Jenkins with open source Taurus. Create a single, simple config and manage all test runs in one place. Learn more in this BlazeMeter blog.

Shift Left Your Testing by Integrating BlazeMeter with Jenkins.