Course Description

BlazeMeter Scriptless Testing provides advanced features to support creating and updating objects the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension does not automatically capture, attaching a data set to a test and calling the data into test steps with variables, and creating loops and branches within a test.

This course provides in-depth video instruction to help create advanced Scriptless Tests for scenarios beyond what the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension captures automatically.






Alex Page started his career as a software developer specializing in building robust web applications as well as test automation. He now focuses on helping DevOps teams at enterprise customers drive efficiency and optimization with cutting edge solutions.





Archer Berryman is a documentation and education leader with experience directing the creation and delivery of software documentation and training across multiple product lines and business lines. Currently managing creation and delivery of documentation and training for the Rally, Clarity, and DevOps business lines at Broadcom. Extensive experience building content strategy for SaaS and on premises products in technology domains like continuous testing, continuous delivery, platform as a service, service management, and agile management.


Basic scriptless testing knowledge. The BlazeMeter Scriptless Testing: Fundamentals course is recommended before starting this advanced course.

Course Format

Textual and video learning components. This course does not contain a final exam. 


This course does not include guided exercises. 

Course Modules and Durations

  1. Module 1: Create and Edit Object Locators
  2. Topic 1: Understand Object Locator Details - 12:00 min
  3. Topic 2: Capture Object Locators with the Object Picker - 16:30 min
  4. Topic 3: Create an Object Manually - 13:00 min
  5. Module 2: Test Data
  6. Topic 1: Parameterizing with Variables - 6:00 min
  7. Topic 2: Create Data for a Test using the In-Tool Data Editor - 16:00 min
  8. Topic 3: Supply Data to a Test by Uploading a CSV File - 9:00 min
  9. Topic 4: Supply Data to a Test using Multiple Data Sheets - 14:00 min
  10. Topic 5: Using Shared Folders to Share Data across Multiple Tests - 11:30 min
  11. Topic 6: Utilize Data from an Application UI during Test Execution - 13:45 min
  12. Topic 7: Parameterize Groups - 8:00 min
  13. Module 3: Parameterize Tests Using Test Data Functions
  14. Topic 1: Data Parameters Overview - 2:09 min
  15. Topic 2: Generate Valid Dates in Range - 1:45 min
  16. Topic 3: Generate Random Numbers and Text - 1:28 min
  17. Topic 4: Get Values From Lists - 1:23 min
  18. Topic 5: Generate Complex Custom Test Data - 1:24 min
  19. Topic 6: Get Matching Values From Multi-Column Lists - 3:02 min
  20. Topic 7: Calculate Relative Dates
  21. Topic 8: Pass Parameterized Arguments Into Functions
  22. Topic 9: Generate Complex Custom Data in One Step
  23. Module 4: Flow Control with Loops and Conditionals
  24. Topic 1: Using the If Else Action - 10:00 min
  25. Topic 2: Using the For Each Action - 18:00 min
  26. Topic 3: Using the For Action - 12:00 min

Course Completion Criteria

This course does not contain a final exam. 

To complete the course, you must watch each video in the course in its entirety.

Upon completion, you will receive: 

  • A certificate validating the course completion. 
  • The Scriptless Testing Advanced badge, Value: 800 points. 

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