Course Summary

This advanced course is for QA testers who have the recurring need to prepare test data in their test environment — before or after running automated tests.

BlazeMeter helps you manage automated tests and generate test data that drives tests according to your requirements; if you additionally need to satisfy data dependencies in your test environment, this course gets you started with BlazeMeter’s test data orchestration capabilities.

In this course, we will:

  • Introduce the use case, benefits, and requirements of orchestration
  • Demonstrate how to set up and tear down data in your test environment
  • Teach you how to view logs and verify API Requests 
  • Explain how to run automated tests together with their orchestration
  • Show best practices for common usage scenarios


This course is of interest to test automation engineers and software testers who are tasked with test automation and the maintenance of test environments. You will need access to your web app’s API (application programming interface) to automatically create, read, update, and delete data in your test environment.


This advanced course assumes that you are already using BlazeMeter to create GUI Functional tests or Performance tests for your specific use case. Since test data orchestration is integrated with all test types that support test data, we recommend taking the BlazeMeter Test Data Fundamentals course in preparation so you can make the most of the orchestration.

Course Format

Textual and video learning components, a final exam.


This course does not include guided exercises.

Required Software

The Test Data Orchestration course requires a free or enterprise-level BlazeMeter account.

Course Modules and Durations

  1. Introduction (5 min)
  2. How to Prepare a Test Environment (10 min)
    • What is a Data Target?
    • Define API Requests
    • Define Clean Up API Requests
    • Define Settings
    • Verify and Debug
  3. Run the Test with Orchestration (5 min)
    • Review Test Execution Logs
  4. Use Case: How to Use Test Data in Orchestration (5 min)
  5. Use Case: How to Extract Test Data from Responses (5 min)
  6. Use Case: How to Handle Exceptions (5 min)
  7. Use Case: How to Publish Data in Bulk (10 min)
  8. Use Case: How to Publish Data With Dependencies (10 min)
  9. Exam

Total estimated duration: 60 mins

Course Completion Criteria

This course contains a final exam. To complete the course, you must pass the final exam with a score of 80% or higher.

Upon completion, you will receive:

  • A certificate validating the course completion
  • The Test Data Orchestration badge, Value: 800 points.

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