Course Summary

This course will help prepare you for automating your testing. Focus will be on using Taurus in the context of Jenkins (a Continuous Integration tool) leaning heavily on Github for Source Code Management, to get you running tests automatically whenever you build new code.

You will learn how to record basic functional and performance tests, transform manual test cases into more automation-friendly ones, or modularize tests for readability and scripting efficiency. You will also learn to understand the roles that Version Control and Continuous Integration tools play in test automation. We will show you how to integrate data into your scripts for more dynamic testing, create testing pipelines that will run on code changes, and scale your automated tests with BlazeMeter.






Eric Dapp is a performance engineering, test automation, and all-around continuous testing ninja, and is a member of BlazeMeter’s adoption team.


Basic test automation knowledge. The BlazeMeter Test Automation Fundamentals course is recommended before starting this advanced course.

Course Format

Textual and video learning components. Two knowledge checks, exam.

Course Modules and Durations

  1. Introduction to the Test Plan - 3:24
  2. Considering Test Data Early in the Process - 4:26
  3. Recording our Test Flow - 4:25
  4. The Continuous Integration and Version Control One-Two Punch - 3:44
  5. Introduce Data into our Testing - 6:30
  6. Knowledge Check #1
  7. Moving on to More Advanced Topics - 4:46
  8. CI Build Status - 2:44
  9. Taurus and CI Build Status - 4:57
  10. Dynamic and External Data - 6:17
  11. Automating Performance Tests with Increasing Concurrency (Part 1) - 2:54
  12. Automating Performance Tests with Increasing Concurrency (Part 2) - 4:16
  13. Knowledge Check #2
  14. Start Build on Code Change - 3:16
  15. Test Modularity and Automation - 4:37
  16. The Performance Plugin for Jenkins - 2:04
  17. The Jenkins BlazeMeter Plugin - 3:34
  18. BlazeMeter's API - 4:57
  19. Thank You and Good Luck! - 2:47
  20. Exam

Course Completion Criteria

This course contains a final exam.

To complete the course, you must pass the final exam with a score of 80% or higher.

Upon completion, you will receive:

  • A certificate validating the course completion.
  • The Test Automation Practitioner badge, Value: 1000 points.

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