Course Summary

BlazeMeter Private Locations let you deploy BlazeMeter’s testing functionalities on your own infrastructure. Whether you’re looking for Performance Testing or Functional Testing, Mock Services or the Proxy Recorder, in this course we walk you through the installation, configuration, and management of BlazeMeter Private Locations to get you testing those hard-to-reach applications that live behind the firewall. This course focuses on the Docker deployment option (with an advanced section introducing the Kubernetes deployment option), previous Docker knowledge will help but is not required to be successful in this course.

In this course, we will:

  • Create BlazeMeter Private Locations and deploy Private Locations
  • Explain the different deployment methods for Private Locations
  • Configure Private Locations for different functionalities
  • Debug common Private Location issues







Felicia Chen is a nerd for automation and efficiency, and has been a BlazeMeter SME since 2017. She spends her days advocating for BlazeMeter's user base, while convincing her pets that it isn't dinner time yet.





Eric Dapp is a performance engineering, test automation, and all-around continuous testing ninja, and is a member of BlazeMeter’s adoption team.


To get the most out of this course, it is preferable to have a working understanding of BlazeMeter Performance testing, BlazeMeter Functional testing, or BlazeMeter Mock Services.

To learn more, you can complete one of the following courses first:

Master BlazeMeter Performance Testing
BlazeMeter Scriptless Testing: Fundamentals
Introduction to BlazeMeter Mock Services

Docker knowledge is helpful but not required to complete this course.

Course Format

Textual and video learning components. Three knowledge checks, exam.

Course Modules and Duration:

  1. Introduction / Architecture - 1:18
  2. Installation Requirements - 2:43
  3. Creating a Private Location in the BlazeMeter GUI - 4:00
  4. Installing Private Location Agent - 4:21
  5. Knowledge Check #1
  6. Run a Performance Test on a Private Location - 2:31
  7. Run a GUI Functional Test on a Private Location - 2:16
  8. Start a Mock Service on a Private Location - 2:19
  9. Using the Proxy Recorder from a Private Location - 3:13
  10. Knowledge check #2
  11. Private Location Container Logs 1 - 2:44
  12. Private Location Container Logs 2 - 1:49
  13. "Not Enough Resources" Error - 2:16
  14. Image Tagging and Network Connectivity - 4:09
  15. Agent Deployment with Proxy and Custom CA Bundle - 2:59
  16. Monitoring Private Location Agent Health with the BlazeMeter API - 2:40
  17. Add a Workspace to a Private Location - 1:01
  18. Knowledge check #3
  19. Kubernetes Private Location: Simple Deployment - 3:44
  20. Kubernetes Private Location: Understanding the YAML Configurations - 2:22
  21. Kubernetes Private Location: Deploying by Applying individual YAML Configs - 2:38
  22. Kubernetes Private Location: Deploying with Proxy Information - 2:23
  23. Kubernetes Private Location: Deploying with a Custom CA Bundle - 3:27
  24. Kubernetes Private Location: Image Overrides - 3:04
  25. Conclusion - 0:54
  26. Exam

Course Completion Criteria:

This course contains a final exam.

To complete the course, you must pass the final exam with a score of 80% or higher.

Upon completion, you will receive:

  • A certificate validating the course completion.
  • The BlazeMeter Infra Manager badge, Value: 1000 points.


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