The pandemic changed how we live, work, and interact. And while we are happy to leave some of those changes behind as the world opens, some lessons are here to stay.

As we adjusted to changing work environments, we learned how to work with teams when we couldn’t be with them in person. We also learned what our co-workers’ families look like. In application quality—we learned how to work differently and still get the job done.

In this webinar, Eran Kinsbruner (Chief Evangelist Test Automation Products) and Steve Borielllo (Senior Engineering Services Architect) discuss the top five things we learned working with leading global
companies throughout the pandemic. These tales from the field (and home offices) are not to be missed!

We’ll cover:

• Criticality of digital channels
• Remote testing and cloud services
• Testing tool choices to facilitate cross-team collaboration
• Contingency planning / Working through the unexpected
• Adjusting as you learn new information

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Eran Kinsbruner

Eran Kinsbruner

Eran Kinsbruner is a person overflowing with ideas and inspiration, beyond that, he makes them happen. He is a best-selling author, continuous-testing and DevOps thought-leader, patent-holding inventor (test exclusion automated mechanisms for mobile J2ME testing), international speaker, and blogger.  With a background of over 20 years of experience in development and testing, Eran empowers clients to create products that their customers love, igniting real results for their companies.

Steven Borriello

Steven Borriello

Senior Engineering Services Architect, BlazeMeter

Steve helps Fortune 500 enterprises and leading tech companies succeed related to DevOps,
Continuous Testing, "Software Factory" and their path to Continuous Delivery. Steve has 20+ years of experience with complex solution engineering, technical consulting, process improvement and implementation and maintains domain expertise in DevOps, Continuous Testing, Automation, Quality, Application Release and Test Data Management. He is passionate about strategically advising organizations with value driven solutions that mitigate the software testing challenges that affect organizations today. Steve joined Perforce in 2021 with the acquisition of BlazeMeter.