August 17, 2023

Achieving Continuous Testing with Perfecto & BlazeMeter


In the ever-evolving landscape of application software quality, achieving impeccable web and mobile experiences has become the gold standard. This is precisely where the synergy of Perfecto and BlazeMeter emerges, redefining the realm of continuous testing. With the integration of BlazeMeter into the Perforce ecosystem, a new era of possibilities unfolds for agile teams and Centers of Excellence, propelling them toward a cloud-based, enterprise-grade, and user-friendly testing platform.

Foundational Transformation: Evolving the Testing Pyramid

Drawing inspiration from Martin Fowler's classic testing pyramid, augmented by Andrew Knight's insights, Perfecto and BlazeMeter introduce a paradigm shift to the core of a robust testing strategy. The foundation lies in API and unit testing, providing rapid feedback loops that resonate with developers. Perfecto’s innate compatibility with diverse CI/CD toolstacks and test automation frameworks, including Selenium, Appium, Espresso, XCUITest, Cypress, and more, forges a seamless bridge between development and testing, fostering a culture of accelerated defect detection and resolution.


Software Testing Pyramid

Software Testing Pyramid

Obviously, it takes a village to create a complete and scalable test automation strategy. The levels of coverage for web and mobile platforms and the testing types that need to be created and maintained are huge.

API and unit testing are at the base of our pyramid. These tests are smaller and shorter, and typically created and run by the developer. For these tests, teams need proper environments and fast feedback to find and fix problems without interrupting the workflow. Since developers are always dependent on the availability of environments that are stable, reliable, and always on, they require mock services and data on demand to seamlessly progress their software development and testing.

As the software development lifecycle progresses, teams start building more integration tests which consist of functional and non-functional testing types. When the release gets closer to production, the developers and test engineers perform end-to-end tests which include the highest scale testing types across most relevant platform combinations.

Having the ability to drive the complete continuous testing plan from unit through API, integration, and E2E, is imperative to the success and velocity of the agile teams.

Shifting Left with Perfecto: Propelling Mobile Development and Testing

Perfecto has emerged as the guiding force that empowers developers and testers with a plethora of unparalleled capabilities. By seamlessly facilitating both manual structured and exploratory testing across mobile and web platforms, Perfecto emboldens teams to harness the full potential of automation frameworks for functional and integration E2E testing. Imagine the power to inject images, conduct biometric and accessibility testing, simulate locations, and virtualize networks – all encompassed within a single, unified platform. Furthermore, Perfecto's AI-powered reporting engines expedite the generation of insights, significantly reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR) while effectively eradicating false positives.

The Perfecto Continuous Testing Platform Pillars

The Perfecto Continuous Testing Platform Pillars

Using Perfecto, developers and testers can perform manual structured and exploratory testing across mobile devices and web platforms. They can automate their functional and integration E2E testing using a wide range of open-source and commercial frameworks. This allows teams to maximize their mobile and web test automation scenario coverage using unique capabilities and use cases that only Perfecto offers. These  include image injection, biometric testing, location, accessibility testing, network virtualization, and much more. With its rich and intelligent reporting dashboards, developers and testers can get immediate feedback and drive faster MTTR (mean time to resolution) of defects while eliminating flakiness and noise within their pipeline. The following graphic illustrates Perfecto's reporting capabilities. 

Perfecto’s Intelligent AI-Driven Reporting Dashboard

Perfecto’s Intelligent AI-Driven Reporting Dashboard

Mastering Quality and Performance with BlazeMeter: Pioneering Testing Excellence

Enter BlazeMeter, the vanguard of comprehensive continuous testing. Its seamless integration into your workflow, whether through traditional coding in your IDE or leveraging the intuitive modern UI, redefines the way testing is approached. Offering a comprehensive suite of capabilities, including UI functional testing, user experience testing, API testing and monitoring, performance testing, mock services, and synchronized test data, BlazeMeter empowers performance engineers, SREs, and DevOps teams to meticulously scrutinize load and performance parameters. This is further bolstered by BlazeMeter's pivotal role as a leading contributor to the JMeter open-source performance testing framework, forging a path toward unparalleled accuracy.

BlazeMeter customers can leverage the continuous testing SaaS platform to create API testing together with customized mock services that can be imported to the platform in various types (HAR, WSDL, etc.), and complement these early development stage tests with low and high performance testing. BlazeMeter is a major contributor to the JMeter open-source performance testing framework that together with its backend load-testing abilities creates a complete solution for performance engineers, SREs, and DevOps teams. The following screen shows one of many tests that can be performed.

BlazeMeter Performance Testing Dashboard

BlazeMeter Performance Testing Dashboard

Going back to the testing pyramid, when developers need to create API tests and mocks, they can use BlazeMeter for that task. They can create and run performance tests at maximum scale and analyze the platform reliability at any given time as shown in the following screen.

BlazeMeter Mock Services Capabilities

BlazeMeter Mock Services Capabilities


From Testers to Trailblazers: Perfecto & BlazeMeter's Empowering Capabilities

The true magic transpires when Perfecto and BlazeMeter converge in harmonious unity. This dynamic fusion not only covers the entire spectrum of testing pyramid – encompassing API, Functional, Non-Functional, Exploratory, and Unit testing – but it does so while harnessing the power of cloud-based flexibility and scalability. Picture the agility of executing and analyzing every conceivable testing type, spanning from mobile to mainframe, all within a singular, unified platform. In the realm of Perfecto & BlazeMeter, a new era of testing excellence unfolds, setting the stage for a paradigm shift in efficiency and intelligence.


Achieve multichannel quality with BlazeMeter and Perfecto


Elevating Developer and Tester Expectations: A Transformational Journey

For developers and testers alike, Perfecto and BlazeMeter are not mere tools; they are the embodiment of transformative collaboration. This seamless platform fosters a culture of unparalleled synergy, allowing teams to shift left earlier and more frequently. Decision-makers are poised to witness expedited time-to-market, a remarkable reduction in defects, and user satisfaction that transcends expectations. The marriage of Perfecto's precision with BlazeMeter's performance excellence ushers in an ecosystem where innovation thrives and user experience reigns supreme.

Perfecto & BlazeMeter: Redefining Testing Standards

In an age where impeccable web and mobile applications define triumph, the collective might of Perfecto and BlazeMeter stands tall as the ultimate choice for continuous testing. As you embark on this journey, embracing the transformative power of this collaboration, your testing strategies are poised to redefine benchmarks and steer excellence in the digital realm. Welcome to a realm where continuous testing attains new heights through Perfecto and BlazeMeter – the definitive solution for the modern developer and tester.

Testing web and mobile applications end-to-end has never been more achievable, through the combination of the two most powerful continuous testing platforms on the market.