• Azure is now fully supported!

You can now run your BlazeMeter tests through Azure’s geo-locations.


  • Functional tests now support uploading files from shared folders

Use the scripts from your shared folders while functional testing, to save time, reduce friction and improve your workflow


  • We’ve updated our loader, hope you like the new design

We would love to hear what you think.

  • SQL Injection Testing

Have you verified that your API isn't vulnerable to a SQL injection attack? The API Test Maker now lets you create SQL injection tests. Confirm that each endpoint in your API is safe.


  • Load Report was Deprecated

You can still find all the good stuff in the Timeline Report:


  • Choose your preferred Interval from the top left corner of the report

blazemeter load report timeline report

  • The GeoMean measurement selector can be chosen for the following KPIs: Response Time, Latency and Bytes

blazemeter load report timeline report


  • Better Test Analysis - The Engine Health tab now shows the engines’ public IPs, in tests executed from now on.
  • User Management Improved - User’s last access time is now shown instead of the last login time, in Users and Members tables (Account & Workspaces)
  • Dedicated IPs Revamped - Are you using our Dedicated IPs to test behind the firewall? We’ve improved our syncing mechanism for a more fluent experience.
  • Introducing Functional API Testing


1. Reuse your existing JMeter scripts and run them as Functional API tests, with the click of a button. Test single APIs or complete business scenarios and add them to your continuous testing process. You can also schedule tests to run periodically.


functional api testing blazemeter


Functional API testing reports include: requests, responses, pass/fail indications based on assertions, and trends of multiple test executions. Read more here.


functional api testing blazemeter


2. We’re also introducing the first version of the Functional API Test Maker for Automated Test Case Generation. Just upload your Swagger file and API testing scenarios will be auto-generated for you. Simply choose which of the scenarios to execute, at the click of a button or through your CI/CD process. You can also manually override or create tests.


Are your APIs complex? The Functional API Test Maker provides full test coverage.


Read more here.


functional api testing blazemeter


  • Oh… and we also redesigned the test creation selection page.


BlazeMeter redesigned the test creation selection page

New geo-locations available:

  • GCE Asia Southeast (Singapore)
  • GCE US East (Virginia)



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