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How to Install Selenium WebDriver for Java

By using Selenium WebDriver, testers can easily write their test cases efficiently and in less time. In this article you will learn about Selenium WebDriver and its Java installation.

Selenium vs. Cypress- A Complete Comparison Between the Two Testing Frameworks

While Selenium is widely used for web application testing, Cypress is rapidly gaining widespread adoption. Let’s dig deeper into these two test automation platforms.

Testing Windows Applications Using Taurus and Selenium: A Guide

This Selenium Testing desktop application guide details the steps involved in testing the legacy Notepad application using Taurus, leveraging a Selenium Script.

Make Back End Data Accessible to Your Functional Testers Using BlazeMeter

Generating synthetic data can be very useful in many testing scenarios, but there comes a time when you need to use your own back end data to test. Read this blog to learn how to create test data using BlazeMeter.

Your Ultimate Guide To Automated Functional and Visual Testing

Visual testing compares the visible output of an app or website against a baseline image, automatically. Learn how & why you should run visual tests with BlazeMeter and Applitools.

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What is Postman and How to Use It for API Testing

When it comes to API testing, we have a lot of ways and tools to do it. In this post you will find out the basics of APIs, API testing and some popular tools that can help you achieve this.

BlazeMeter Test Types and When to Use Them

Developers and QA engineers use BlazeMeter to shift left & automate testing with Performance Testing, Functional testing, Mock Services, API testing to increase agility. Here's how.

How to Add Test Data to Your BlazeMeter Functional Tests

Easily add test data to your BlazeMeter functional tests with these simple steps. Just map, select, define and add and get better testing and code quality.

How to Run Scriptless Testing in BlazeMeter

A step by step guide to using BlazeMeter's new Scriptless Testing Functionality

Getting started with Selenium, Python and BlazeMeter GUI Functional Testing

In this blog post I will explain how to run BlazeMeter GUI Functional Testing with Selenium and Python.

How to Scale Selenium Tests in a Kubernetes Cluster

Learn to automate your Selenium tests with Selenium Grid, Zalenium and a Kubernetes cluster. Follow the steps in this tutorial and start testing now.

Selenium WebDriver for Beginners

The ultimate intro for Selenium WebDriver. Browser testers, learn to automate and test your browser with Selenium WebDriver’s API. Run your functional tests now.

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5 Reasons to Shift Left Your Mainframe Testing

Mainframe testers can now shift left and implement agile testing with open source JMeter. Improve code, release faster and cuts costs with JMeter and BlazeMeter.

Selenium vs. JMeter - Which One Should You Choose, and When?

Should you use JMeter or Selenium? Learn when to use each tool, for browser testing, frontend, protocol, backend and more load & functional testing scenarios.