Taurus 1.13.6 now supported

We’ve upgraded our engine images to support Taurus 1.13.6

New UI for Blazemeter header!

We added two separate tabs for Functional and Performance Tests, so you can easily navigate between your functional and performance tests. When clicking on each tab retrospectively, the tests and reports are filtered, but the projects, workspaces, and all other account information can be accessed the same way. 

JMeter log tail

You can now get a live view of the last 300 lines in you JMeter logs live for V4 tests. This can be found in the log tab, in application view of the tail, to allow for easier debugging.

Account Admins: Full Visibility on Current Usage

For a BlazeMeter account admin, it’s important to have full visibility on the usage and resource utilization on the account level. The new admin view can be accessed from the top-right from any workspace dashboard, and allows account admins to see all tests that are currently running, including their details. Account admins can also choose to stop any tests directly in this new admin view. We are expanding this admin view to include more information such as location utilization.



Support for search in projects page

Have access to tens of projects and you can’t find the one you are looking for? In order to help you navigate and find your projects, we’ve added a  search capability in the projects page to easily find what you are looking for.



New default location

We modified the default location in the new created test to be US East (Virginia) in Google Cloud. You can then choose your desired location from the same list. 

Control the size of your engine

Need different engine sizes for different testing purposes? No problem! Account admins can now control the Engine size (CPU & RAM) and have different engine “types” from various locations. We will soon be adding the option so users with “tester” permission/role will not be able to access the Private Locations configuration.


New Design and architecture for RPS & remote control

New design and architecture for Remote Control update during test run allows you to update JMeter parameters for every scenario and location simultaneously. Furthermore, if a test has multiple scripts and locations, we will divide the RPS relatively between the scenarios and locations, according to the VUHs configured per location \ scenario

JMeter 5.1 now supported

We’ve upgraded our engine images to support JMeter 5.1


Centralized scheduling management

Users now have full visibility & management on scheduled tests across each workspace they are part of.

JMeter logs uploaded throughout test run 

For easier debugging and faster understanding of the issues in the test, we now upload JMeter log files periodically during the test

Compare report now supports two resolutions

You’ve asked for it, and we’ve added support for both 1 sec and 1 min resolutions on the compare report.

Schedule tests directly from the UI

We have now brought the scheduling capability to UI, allowing users to schedule their tests directly & simply from UI. If you need advanced configuration, you can set a cron syntax in under the advanced section.





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