• Disable Legacy API Keys Yourself


As announced in our March 28 release, we will be deprecating existing API keys and moving to a new model that incorporates a key + secret and support for expiration dates to make them more secure. To make the upcoming deprecation process of the legacy API keys smoother, we added a new ability. Now, each user can disable their own API key.


blazemeter deprecates api keys


Disabling Legacy API Keys can also be enforced by the account Admin. Just go to “General Settings” under the account settings.


disabling legacy api keys


  • Apache JMeterTM Version Automatically Detected


We updated the Apache JMeter™ version choosing mechanism in BlazeMeter. From now on, the default version will be “Auto Detect”. This means BlazeMeter will automatically choose an Apache JMeter™ version according to your script. If you choose to, you can override that version by selecting a different version from the dropdown menu, just like before.


  • UI Upgrades


As part of our continuous effort to improve user experience, we updated the button you can use to invite users to collaborate. It now looks like this:


blazemeter new user collaboration button


  • Easier Account Upgrade


If you wish to upgrade your account, it is now easier than ever:


blazemeter easy account upgrade

  • Improved API Key Provisioning!

Check out our new API Keys on your personal settings tab in the settings section. As we’re going to deprecate the old API Keys on June 4th 2017, you'll need to generate new keys beforehand in order keep your API integrations working.



blazemeter improved api key provisioning


What’s new here:

  • Extended, stronger keys, with an <ID>:<Secret> structure
  • Ability to define no\multiple keys per user
  • Ability to define an expiration period for a specific key
  • Ability to define an expiration period for all the keys in the account (available for account admins under the Account menu - General Settings)


Note that the API key secret is only available on key creation and we cannot restore it, so make sure you copy the secret and keep it safe!


  • Test alerts revamped:
  • Customize when to be alerted. Failed tests notifications are especially useful for monitoring.
  • Slack users - you can now configure a webhook to get alerts delivered straight to your chat channels!


blazmeter test alerts revamped


  • JMeter 3.1 is now the default version for test runs
  • Improved handling of long Soak tests
  • Do you have multiple workspaces? We now support aggregated reporting. We added a consolidated Usage Report at the account level.


 ca blazemeter changelog consolidate usage report


  • Catch up with our most recent product changes right from within the app through the Change Log link under the Help menu.

ca blazemeter Change Log link under the Help menu


  • Need to upgrade your subscription? You can easily use our In-App purchase ability from the billing section in the settings.

ca blazemeter changelog In-App purchase ability from the billing section


  • If you haven’t checked out our V4 APIs, be sure to take a look in the new, improved API explorer. We’ve enhanced descriptions and made the explorer much faster when expanding the operations list for each API.


  • Account administrators can now add and remove workspaces in the settings screen. Please note that having additional workspaces depends on your account subscription.
  • Test Failure Criteria results now shown on the dashboard, in the improved Recent Test Runs list:
    • Tests configured with Test Failure Criteria will now show a pass/fail indication
    • Added new table filters for “Passed” \ “Failed” \ “Not Set” for easier orientation
  • Added user and workspace search in the settings area to speed large list management
  • Added API support for scheduling recurring tests. The /api/v4/schedules endpoint uses the well-known “cron” syntax. The full list of ‘schedules API’ and how to operate them can be found in the CA BlazeMeter API Explorer
  • Added workspace selector in the settings area to switch between workspaces, while remaining in the same screen context
  • CA BlazeMeter adds support for JMeter 3.1!
  • New geo-locations available:
    • AWS EU West (London)
    • AWS Canada (Central)
  • Simplified and shorter collaboration flow: invite team members and assign their roles and workspaces in a single step



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