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June 28, 2023

Level Up Your Testing Skills With BlazeMeter University’s Software Testing Courses

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As with any hobby, passion, or job, there is never an end to the pursuit of perfection — you can always get better. The best athletes never stop training. The brightest minds never stop learning. That same drive should be applied to developers and software testers. 

In order to help your team achieve agile and shift-left testing, improvements and optimizations must always be implemented in the tests themselves. And the tests are only as good as the testers executing them. With BlazeMeter University, testers of all skill levels can leverage the wide array of software testing courses to earn certifications and become a testing master. 

In this blog we will discuss what software testing courses are, why seasoned and rookie testers alike prefer BlazeMeter University, and highlight a few of the courses offered for free. 

What Are Software Testing Courses? 

Software testing courses are designed by developers for developers and testing teams to educate and advance their software testing skills. Courses can range from introductory to advanced, and they can provide detailed training on a wide variety of software frameworks. 

What is BlazeMeter University? 

BlazeMeter university is a free online resource for software developers and testing teams. New courses taught by industry experts are offered frequently. Testers of all skill levels are welcome to participate in insightful, informative, and practical lessons to improve testing skills. 

Course topics can range from a breakdown of the software testing life cycle (STLC)to specific deep dives into popular frameworks like Selenium, Python, and Taurus. There are also courses covering mobile-specific information as well as test data. Whenever a course is completed, testers earn badges that they can display proudly. 

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Notable BlazeMeter University Software Testing Courses 

Because BlazeMeter continuously adds new courses to BlazeMeter University, this blog would be a whole lot longer if we summarized each one. But it is worth knowing the variety of courses offered. Below are just a few of the world-class instructive courses you can find there. 

Using BlazeMeter with Agile Requirements Designer

Agile Requirements Designer

Develop a mastery of agile testing by learning how to incorporate maintenance of test case creation, automation, and execution in tandem. In this course, you will gain insight into the strengths of both the Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) and BlazeMeter and how to leverage both to improve automation in your testing. 

In order to complete the course, you will need access to the ARD desktop application and a free or enterprise BlazeMeter account. A basic knowledge of ARD is not required but will be helpful. 

Test Data Orchestration

Test Data Orchestration

This course will be especially of interest to software testers and test automation engineers whose job centers around test automation and test environment maintenance. This advanced course will teach you how best to prepare test data in your test environment both before and after running automated tests. With BlazeMeter, your management of automated tests and generating test data will be easier. You will also get help if you need to satisfy data dependencies in your environment. 

To get the most out of this course, it is assumed you are already using BlazeMeter to create GUI functional tests or performance tests for a specific use case. Because test data orchestration is integrated with every test type that involves test data, it is recommended that you take the BlazeMeter Test Data Fundamentals course prior to this course.

The Complete Taurus Course

Complete Taurus Course

Taurus is a popular, open-source test automation framework. In this course, you will gain skills in using this orchestration tool. Learn how to integrate and automate your BlazeMeter tests into the CI/CD pipeline to further your continuous testing skills. 

After this lesson, you will have a clear understanding of YAML configuration language that is used across many contemporary technologies. You will know a new way to interact with BlazeMeter from your terminal, find new ways to interact and control open-source tools you already use, and learn how to write modular scripts with enhanced versatility. 

Bottom Line

The pursuit of furthering your education and advancing your skills should be a never-ending one. For testing teams and software developers, leveraging software testing courses is a crucial step in keeping your skills sharp and your tests effective. 

BlazeMeter University offers a wide range of software testing courses — from beginner to advanced framework lessons — so you can continuously improve your testing and, by extension, the software you are working so hard to perfect. Existing BlazeMeter University users have consistently found these courses to be helpful for improving their skills. 

We encourage you to leverage BlazeMeter’s free offerings — either by signing up for courses or testing with the BlazeMeter platform for free. The tests you create and the customers you serve will thank you.