Course Description

You can replace hard-coded or recorded values in all types of BlazeMeter tests with dynamic test data. BlazeMeter can load test data from CSV spreadsheets or from a Test Data Manager data model, or even generate test data synthetically according to your specifications. This course shows you how to choose the best source of test data for your use case, and how to integrate dynamic parameters into your recorded test scripts (test parameterization).

In this course, we will:

  • Show how test parameterization improves test quality
  • Teach you how to load test data from spreadsheets
  • Demonstrate how to generate test data synthetically
  • Teach you about BlazeMeter's integration with the Test Data Manager product
  • Explain benefits and caveats of different sources of test data
  • Show benefits of reusing test data






Alex Page started his career as a software developer specializing in building robust web applications as well as test automation. He now focuses on helping DevOps teams at enterprise customers drive efficiency and optimization with cutting edge solutions.






Ruth Kusterer is a technical writer for Perforce. She has over ten years of experience with enterprise developer tools and open-source software.






Archer Berryman is a documentation and education leader with experience directing the creation and delivery of software documentation and training across multiple product lines and business lines. Currently managing creation and delivery of documentation and training for the Rally, Clarity, and DevOps business lines at Broadcom. Extensive experience building content strategy for SaaS and on premises products in technology domains like continuous testing, continuous delivery, platform as a service, service management, and agile management. 


This course is of interest to QA engineers and software testers who are tasked with the maintenance and parameterization of test automation for Scriptless GUI Functional tests, Performance tests, and Mock Services.


This course uses concepts and procedures in its examples that were introduced in the BlazeMeter Scriptless Testing Fundamentals course. 

Course Format

Textual and video learning components, a final exam.


This course does not include guided exercises. 

Required Software

The Test Data Fundamentals course requires a free or enterprise-level BlazeMeter account. The optional Test Data Manager integration requires access to a licensed TDM server.

Course Modules and Durations 

  1. Test data concepts (15 min) 

  2. Sources of test data (5 min) 
  3. Using CSV spreadsheets (30 min) 

  4. Using synthetic test data (20 min) 
  5. Using TDM F​&​R Models (5 min) 

  6. Exam 

Total estimated duration: 1h 30min

Course Completion Criteria 

This course contains a final exam. To complete the course, you must pass the final exam with a score of 80% or higher. 

Upon completion, you will receive: 

  • A certificate validating the course completion

  • The Test Data Fundamentals badge, Value: 800 points. 

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