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What’s New in JMeter 5.0?

Everything you need to know about Apache JMeter™ 5. All the new updates for the latest JMeter release. Master performance testing and learn what’s new in version 5.

Artem Fedorov

How to Save Response Data in JMeter

Learn to save data responses in JMeter with Listeners and JMeter properties. Save responses for debugging and analyzing responses. Become a pro load tester.

George Maksimenko

JMeter Listeners - Part 1: Listeners with Basic Displays

Including View Results Tree, View Results in Table, Spline Visualizer, Response Time Graph, Assertion Results, Simple Data Writer, Flexible File Writer and Save Responses to a File

Konstantine Firsanov

JMeter 2.11: Top 5 Features and Updates

The Apache Software Foundation has been uber busy. After what must have been a super intensive Q4 2013,  JMeter V2.11 was released a few days into the New Year on January 5th, 2014 (shout out to them for working so diligently over the holiday season in order to start the New Year off with an awesome release!).   BlazeMeter  fully supports JMeter 2.11. You can see all of the JMeter versions BlazeMeter supports from the “JMeter Version” dropdown list on BlazeMeter’s add test page.  

Dmitri Tikhanski