Who are we?

We are a group of developers who wanted to find a place to discuss, share ideas and cooperate about tools and methods on shifting left. We believe in the open source community and developer cooperation as ways for us all to become better and build greater and more innovative things. So we hope this workspace becomes an important means of communication and sharing for developers all over the world.

Our Top Channels

Channels are where the discussions are held, so feel free to open channels according to your needs. In the meantime, make sure you join:

  • #blog_updates - Get notifications any time we publish a blog about performance testing, load testing, continuous integrations, DevOps, JMeter, API testing, Gatling, Taurus, Selenium, Locust, open source and more!
  • #meetups - To learn about meetups near you about topics that interest you, and to share meetups you know about.
  • #webinars - Sign up to webinars about all types of testing and monitoring.
  • #blazemeter - Follow updates about the BlazeMeter performance and API testing tool
  • #dogfooding - Share your work experience and raise dilemmas. You can post anonymously in this channel, just contact us.
  • #jenkins#docker#os_load_testing_tools, #selenium#openapi_and_swagger and many more channels dedicated to the different testing and monitoring tools in your continuous testing process.

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