Quick BlazeMeter Overview Video

BlazeMeter allows you to perform all your testing activities in one Cloud-based platform. Whether it be Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Continuous Testing, or Load Testing—it can all be executed in the BlazeMeter environment. Let us help you make the switch from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter—seamlessly.

Why Move To BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform

Legacy tools hold back your ability to respond to marketplace opportunities. See why BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform is chosen by shift-left and traditional testing teams.

Fully Integrated Continuous Testing Functionality
Spend more time innovating and less time maintaining your toolchain.
Start Testing in Minutes
Easy-to-adopt SaaS platform that can be learned in minutes. Use our LoadRunner conversion tool to instantly convert your scripts to JMeter or Selenium.
100% Open Source
Compatible Work with the tools your developers love such as JMeter, Jenkins, Selenium, WireMock, and more.
Suited for Every Team
Shift-left teams can use “as code” in the IDE or traditional testers can use with the lightweight UI. Achieve full team collaboration with no user limitations.
Massive Scalability, No Massive Effort
Scale up to 55+ geo-locations, and 4 million + virtual users and/or behind the firewall, with no additional cost.
Offering volume discounts, fixed costs (unlimited plans), primary support, and dedicated IPs & On Premise Options