Who are we?

A group of developers who are looking to improve our JMeter skills and cooperation. By asking each other questions, sharing resources, cooperating on projects and staying updated together, we hope to create and run better load tests. This will help us make better use of JMeter’s features: core and plugins.

Our Top Channels

We have many channels and you’re always welcome to create your own. Here are 5 we recommend:

  •    #_questions_answers - A place to ask and answer JMeter questions
  •    #blog_posts - Share your JMeter blog posts here
  •    #plugins - Get and share info about JMeter’s plugins to customize your testing scripts
  •    #community_projects - A place to meet, plan and work together on JMeter load testing projects
  •    #meetups - Learn and share when there are JMeter meetups in your area.

How Can I Contact You?

DM @LaurenDavison