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How to Maximize Your Existing Investments in Service Virtualization with BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter's Service Virtualization Bridge and Blazemeter VSE along with SVEE enable you to enhance on-premises functionality, share and reuse services, and drive adoption.

Creating Dynamic Testing and Mocking Assets in Your CI/CD Pipeline

Learn how Test Data and Mock Services can be incorporated into the build process to improve your test coverage and improve overall build quality even more.

Creating a Mock Service from a BlazeMeter API Monitoring Response

Learn how to create a Mock Service, from the response to a BlazeMeter API Monitoring (Runscope) test.

How to Eliminate Software Testing Constraints with BlazeMeter Mock Services

Mock services simulate the behavior of the dependent systems when software testing. Single out components, integrations and performance, and test their stability and reliability.

Introducing BlazeMeter VSE

BlazeMeter VSE (Virtual Services Environment) is finally a reality. Your favorite Service Virtualization software has taken a huge leap into the world of SaaS.

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Getting Started with Workspaces in BlazeMeter

An introduction to workspaces in BlazeMeter, to optimize devops best practices and testing for enterprise teams

BlazeMeter University is Live

Now live: Free, online courses and certifications for popular open source and continuous testing technologies

BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Expands into the Land of Full Enterprise Service Virtualization

Introducing Full Service Virtualization Integration in the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform

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