The Wizard of Oz: How Permeance Used BlazeMeter to Conduct its Largest Load Test in Australia


Permeance Technologies is an Australian based ICT Project and Consulting Service provider headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Permeance was established in 2006 and provides a full suite of ICT consulting services to both government and private organisations. A current focus is Digital Citizen Engagement, and assisting organizations to improve, and in some cases establish, Digital Engagement. As part of a complementary suite of services Permeance offer functional, load, performance and security testing including complex technical remediation, software architecture, and software engineering services.

“We were impressed with how well the BlazeMeter platform scales across such a varied suite of tests. Our project included testing across the full spectrum from small diagnostic tests to the largest BlazeMeter load test in Australia to-date. The Blazemeter dashboards and reporting data was reliable and easy to work with across our full range of tests and we noticed no performance degradation when analysing or exporting extremely large datasets. As always, we were impressed with the performance and flexibility of the solution and the BlazeMeter team.”



In 2016, an Australian organization required testing of a new website for growing levels of traffic. The requirements were for testing 100,000 concurrent users,15,000 hits/s and 60 million visitors over a 12 hour period. The traffic patterns were extreme - a moderate number of visitors year-round, with sudden enormous traffic spikes that couldn’t be anticipated.


Permeance Technologies, an Australian BlazeMeter partner, was selected to provide performance testing services. Permeance developed a suite of comprehensive JMeter scripted scenarios and used BlazeMeter to execute and record the load tests to independently verify the new website would remain online and usable during heavy traffic loads.


Using BlazeMeter, Permeance completed a detailed test plan across multiple environments gradually scaling up to 200,000 concurrent users. Although BlazeMeter can run tests for millions of users, this was the largest load test conducted using BlazeMeter in Australia to-date. The test scenarios simulated user behaviour on the website, including varied usage and user journeys simulating real users browsing the site to gather information.

Permeance provided recommendations to improve the performance and security of the website. After the changes were implemented and released to production, larger tests were run against the production website. The tests were completed successfully and the website was launched as scheduled.

Permeance has recommended follow-up tests to make sure the website continues to perform as changes are made in the future.



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