Major Entertainment Company Runs Massive Scale Performance Testing Using BlazeMeter

In preparation for upcoming March Madness and other international television broadcasts, this major media company needed to test the performance of their network prior to these large events. 

The Challenge

This organization faced several challenges to ensure that their various web sites were ready to handle the influx of traffic due to these events. With 13+ teams involved they needed a cloud-based solution that could work across geographies, offer ease of use, and provide the sheer horsepower needed to adequately stress test their environment. 

The Solution

By partnering with Perforce, this company was able to prepare for the March Madness rush after utilizing BlazeMeter. This company and their underlying teams/partners were now ready with their web traffic load targets. BlazeMeter provided them with ability to load test across multiple teams to ensure that even at peak loads, their sites could handle the traffic. 

The Results 

This major media organization had several goals that they wanted to achieve with their testing: 

  • Target load: 50,000 hits per second for one team, 4,000 hits per second on another team, plus similar hits per second for other teams. 

Peak testing in preparation for the upcoming events was done to an excess of  120%

Joint production testing done by the above-mentioned teams (13+) was successful and BlazeMeter was used exclusively for performance testing with Datadog and New Relic as the other APM/Monitoring solutions. Here is a synopsis of the traffic tests performed: 

  • Peak CVU Usage = 430k 
  • Total teams (Platform and Apps) = 14 
  • Total number of BlazeMeter Engines = ~ 950 
  • Total # parallel Tests = 45 
  • Maximum Single test VU = 120,000 virtual users 
  • Load achieved = 100% (Without any BlazeMeter issues) 

These amazing results were made possible by BlazeMeter’s complete continuous testing platform. With BlazeMeter, this media conglomerate and its subsidiaries could intuitively test their web/mobile apps for peak event traffic on their on-demand and live streaming video servers. 

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