How Ecommerce Giant LPP Used BlazeMeter to Increase Website Performance by 450%


LPP is the largest clothing company in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. Their brands include: Reserved, Reserved Kids, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay.

LPP has a total of more than 1700 stores located in 20 countries, mainly in central and eastern Europe. Besides Poland, stores are located in Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to the sales in stores, a large part of company revenue comes from internet sales. It is therefore important that during sale peak times they are able to provide customers with comfortable and trouble-free shopping. These times include summer sales, winter sales and Black Friday, when the traffic on the sites exceeds standard traffic several times over.

“One of our duties is to ensure satisfactory performance of our online stores. Without BlazeMeter it wouldn't be possible to measure our applications performance during the high traffic. We were able to find and fix many bottlenecks that had a huge impact on our application performance.”



After experiencing several performance problems during previous sales, the LPP R&D team started to think about using a tool that would allow them to simulate high traffic on their online stores, to prepare for big sale events. 

They wanted to performance test their sites to make sure that they wouldn’t go down during peak traffic seasons, and also control for high traffic from different global locations. 


After evaluating various tools, they decided to use Blazemeter for performance testing. BlazeMeter enabled LPP to run massive loads tests, with powerful load generators located in different locations, reflecting their global e-commerce traffic reach. LPP ran more than 50 load tests in BlazeMeter, with an average VUH's of 1500 per test.

LPP used BlazeMeter’s broad documentation and customer service team to get quick responses to their queries. Thus, the LPP team found it extremely easy to set up load test configuration, including running MultiTest load test functionality.

Finally, LPP analyzed test results through BlazeMeter’s load test reports. By looking at test metrics in visual graphs, they were able to  get all the information that they need. This includes reports comparing different tests. 


As a result of performance testing with BlazeMeter, LPP identified performance bottlenecks and scaled up their production infrastructure by adding more database and application servers. They also tuned up their server configuration and optimized their application code. 

LPP increased the performance of Reserved Ecommerce shops by over 450%. In July 2018 - 400 RPS, November 2018 - 2200 RPS. They also shortened request time to below 3 seconds. 



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