How Irdeto’s Load Testing Meets Dynamic Media Demands


Irdeto is a world leader in Multiscreen, Revenue Assurance and Media Protection solutions for Pay-TV operators, OTT service providers and content owners. Irdeto enables these companies to provide a personal media experience for their consumers, uncover revenue opportunities and offer new forms of entertainment on broadcast, broadband and mobile networks. The company offers an advanced portfolio of rights management, multi-screen, home networking, piracy control, media protection and business intelligence services. With head offices in Amsterdam and Beijing, Irdeto is a subsidiary of multinational media group Naspers.


As the TV Industry rapidly evolves, traditional models of broadcast TV are radically altering. Consumers expect to access media content on-demand and 'on the go' – through their mobile devices, tablets, PCs and televisions. Irdeto helps operators keep pace with their consumers and the next "must have" device, and consequently needs to ensure that the content user experience will be seamless and without delays or "freezes" in the service delivery.

To test this product offering, realistic loads must be modeled to reflect the various paths of content browsing, selection, purchase and consumption of Irdeto’s platform users.


To ensure the Irdeto Rights platform, including Media Manager, would work flawlessly, the company used its BlazeMeter partnership in order to obtain extra support in addition to the regular usage of its platform to perform other routine performance tests.

The extra support was mostly around establishing what real-world scenarios would look like, and then modelling them in the form of JMeter scripts. These scenarios traversed the front-end content delivery system – browse, purchase and play protected content, including interface with Google Wallet. On top of that, scenarios needed to address the complexities of ramp up and ramp down – while checking specific use cases. Irdeto’s team used JMeter’s Ultimate Thread Group and Throughput Controller for scripting.


Once the scripts were defined and delivered, Irdeto’s team immediately started identifying bottlenecks and issues in the initial testing stages. With BlazeMeter, Irdeto was able to scale the tests to hundreds of thousands of users and run incredibly complex scenarios.

Another valuable advantage that BlazeMeter gave Irdeto was the ability to change test scenarios on the fly, such as changing the weight of one user activity in relation to the others. This enabled Irdeto to run more complex tests and consequently reveal less obvious bottlenecks.

In the face of an increasingly complicated media landscape, Irdeto knew they needed to serve its customers seamlessly. The testing team took complex user behavior and was able to create realistic scenarios to test against with BlazeMeter.



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