How BlazeMeter Helps Non-profit Cyclos Provide Reliable Financial Services to Remote Places Worldwide


Cyclos is software developed by a non-profit social trade organisation, which provides banking software for remote areas like Ethiopia, Zambia or Indonesia; and for complementary currency systems like barter networks. As Cyclos grew over the past 14 years, they now have customers with millions of users, for which performance is a critical issue. Cyclos needs to be able to show its customers that Cyclos scales to millions of users, so they can trust Cyclos as a financial system.


As Cyclos is a non-profit organisation, BlazeMeter provides Cyclos with BlazeMeter Sense, free of charge. BlazeMeter Sense enables Cyclos to analyze their software performance. Cyclos uploads test results to BlazeMeter to see if the system scales well and if the results are acceptable with different topologies.


Cyclos is able to provide reliable financial services to millions of customers and end-users in remote areas who have no other banking system.


The mission of Cyclos is to enable local/regional economies to flourish in a sustainable way by providing software that can be adapted according to the local economic needs. For this Cyclos supports as well high end payment channels such as Web and (smartphone) app, and as low level channels such as SMS, USSD and cards.



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