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What’s New for November 2019

CA APM Rename


Oops, where is the CA APM integration? It is still here! You can find it in the same place, but under a new name DX APM


CA APM Rename

Resource Consumption Alert


Worried about users not calibrating their tests and running big, misconfigured tests which consume too much resources in your Private Locations? We added a new alert that triggers a notification to account admins when more than X amount of engines are configured. 


Resource Consumption Alert

New Way to Create Private Locations

Now you get more control on your Private Locations and Ship’s content. Our new flow lets you define the properties of the Private Location which will affect the roles and behavior of the Ships configured in it.

New way to Create Private Location BlazeMeter

New UX on Private Locations page 


We’ve refreshed the way you disable / enable the Private Location and changed the text-based links to icons.Please note that the “Delete location” operation has moved to the edit window.


New UX on Private Locations Page


Upcoming Taurus upgrade


Stay tuned! In our next release, we will upgrade the Taurus image in our images to 1.13.9 version


Upcoming Deprecations

The following items will be deprecated during December:

  • Python 2.7
  • Java 7, Java 9
  • Jmeter 2.13
  • Gatling 2.1.7, Gatling 2.2.3
What’s new for October 2019?

Network emulation

We added support for 5G network option under the Network Emulation section in a performance test configuration.

Network Emulation


API additions

/api/sessions/<session_id> endpoint now lists the public IPs of the cloud load engines it launched

What's New for September 2019?

RTE Support


The JMeter RTE plugin was added to our engine. You can read more about the plugin and its use case here


Security enhancement for on-premises component & infrastructure

Part of our on-going efforts to provide the best & most secure product, we improved security in our on-premises components by removing default assumptions, tightened the permissions, etc.

Indication for unsupported configuration of a JMX file

A new warning message was added for users who are running JMX with unsupported forward slash in specific fields.

What's New for August 2019?

Display Public IP address for Ships


You can now find the public IP of a ship, in addition to the internal IP, in the “Address” column of the Private Location page. 


Measurement Units are Now Available in Requests Statistics’ CSV 

The Request Stats Report shows the metrics for each element of a test script, allowing you to drill down and review the statistics (stats) for how every single element of your test performed. You can download it as a CSV file, and we have now added the unit of measurement to the CSV’s header (milliseconds and seconds).


Request Statistics CSV


Support for Auto Update from Internal Repository

Customers with on premise locations can now pull images directly from an internal docker registry managed and controlled by them instead of manually updating the existing Ships each time BlazeMeter release new images.

What's New for July 2019

Dedicated IPs are now detailed in the Engines Health tab

We added the used dedicated IP to the Load Engines dropdown so users can now easily locate the relevant Load Engine associated to their test that is running. 

Dedicated IP


Improved Graphs

We upgraded our graphs library with  a better visual experience.  We also improved the functionality to download graph images. 


Improved authentication process

We have improved our authentication process and now offer a more secure way to log in with Two Factor Authentication (2FA). We also enhanced our Single Sign On (SSO) experience.


Taurus 1.13.7 now supported

We’ve upgraded our engine images to support Taurus 1.13.7


Blocking testers from accessing Private Location’s configuration

In order to improve the product’s security, users with a “Tester” role won’t be able to modify the configuration of Private Locations.


Find tests quicker with sizeable columns in project’s test view

We added the option to modify the columns size for the tests’ table in a project, so it is easier to look for tests with long data (name, description, locations, etc).


Sizeable Table


Compare reports between projects

You asked for it, and now you can do it - we've added the ability to compare reports between different projects instead of limiting you to the specific project the report is located at.

Compare Report