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Release date: January 22, 2017
  • Test Failure Criteria results now shown on the dashboard, in the improved Recent Test Runs list:
    • Tests configured with Test Failure Criteria will now show a pass/fail indication
    • Added new table filters for “Passed” \ “Failed” \ “Not Set” for easier orientation
  • Added user and workspace search in the settings area to speed large list management
  • Added API support for scheduling recurring tests. The /api/v4/schedules endpoint uses the well-known “cron” syntax. The full list of ‘schedules API’ and how to operate them can be found in the CA BlazeMeter API Explorer
  • Added workspace selector in the settings area to switch between workspaces, while remaining in the same screen context
Release Date: January 9, 2017
  • CA BlazeMeter adds support for JMeter 3.1!
  • New geo-locations available:
    • AWS EU West (London)
    • AWS Canada (Central)
  • Simplified and shorter collaboration flow: invite team members and assign their roles and workspaces in a single step
Release Date: Sunday, December 25, 2016
  • Redesigned the dashboard to present a quick overview of your workspace updates:
    • Recent test runs
    • Recent updated tests
    • Usage report graph
  • Navigation and layout changes
    • The following capbilities were moved from the Dashboard to the Settings page (see top right menu)
      • Resources (Private IPs, Private Locations)
      • APM Credentials
      • Usage Report
      • User management
      • Billing Info
    • The Projects view was removed from the Dashboard and is now accessible only through the Projects drop down menu
  • 'Personal Tests' was renamed to '<Your Username’s> Workspace. 'Organization' was renamed 'Workspace'. Both can be shared with other team members
  • New user roles in Workspaces
    • Manager
    • Tester (default)
    • Viewer
  • New Account user roles
    • Admin
    • Standard (default)
    • Billing
  • Account owners have access to all of the Account’s Workspaces
  • New API version
    • New API (v 4.0) provides the ability to manage users and workspaces
    • “Latest” version still points at v 2.0 and will point at v4 on January 29th, 2017


Read more about the new Workspaces and Projects and about Managing an Account.


Learn more about the new changes from these videos:




Release Date: Monday, November 28

CA BlazeMeter added two new geo-locations:

  • AWS US East (Ohio)
  • GCE Asia Northeast (Japan)
Release Date: Wednesday, November 9

In addition to many UI improvements, the following improvements and changes have been made:


  • Test history UI changes -
    • Running tests are displayed on top, sorted chronologically by the test initiation time with the latest test presented first, and marked with a green button
    • Subsequently, the ended tests are displayed, sorted chronologically by the time the test ended, with the latest end time presented first
    • The date and time each test began (running tests) or ended, is displayed next to the test configuration details


CA BlazeMeter Test history


  • Performance improvements in large scale tests:
    • Engines are now issued together, leading to shorter time to test commencement
    • Better support and performance for multiple viewers