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Release Date: Monday, November 28

CA BlazeMeter added two new geo-locations:

  • AWS US East (Ohio)
  • GCE Asia Northeast (Japan)
Release Date: Wednesday, November 9

In addition to many UI improvements, the following improvements and changes have been made:


  • Test history UI changes -
    • Running tests are displayed on top, sorted chronologically by the test initiation time with the latest test presented first, and marked with a green button
    • Subsequently, the ended tests are displayed, sorted chronologically by the time the test ended, with the latest end time presented first
    • The date and time each test began (running tests) or ended, is displayed next to the test configuration details


CA BlazeMeter Test history


  • Performance improvements in large scale tests:
    • Engines are now issued together, leading to shorter time to test commencement
    • Better support and performance for multiple viewers
Release Date: Sunday, September 25

In addition to many bug and performance fixes, the following improvements and changes have been introduced:

  • Changed the default JMeter version to 3.0 & the Java version to 1.8
  • Default APM credentials can now be defined at the Organization level
  • Comparison reports: labels now include execution times and improved display of KPIs
  • Multiple UI and naming changes. Please note that OPL (On Premise Location) has been recently renamed to Private Location
  • When you add a new user to your organization via invite, we simplify their onboarding experience by omitting the ‘personal tests’ workspace. This is just the first of series of expanded team and user management capabilities rolling out in our release train.
Release Date: Monday, August 22
  • BlazeMeter Added Two New Geo-Locations
    • AWS India (Mumbai)
    • GCE US West (Oregon)
  • Major performance improvements in viewing test results
  • Multiple bug fixes in the following sections:
    • Executive Summary
    • Statistics Calculations
    • Aggregate Report
    • Error Report
    • Taurus Tests
  • The Personal Settings Dialog got a facelift
Release Date: Wednesday, July 13
  • BlazeMeter web application is now WCAG 2.0 compatible.
  • Testers can increase the number of concurrent users in running large scale tests.
  • Zooming-in on a specific timeframe in the aggregate report shows calculated percentiles.