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Release Date: May 6, 2018

Here’s what’s new this week:


  1. Add a Description To Your Tests
  2. Single Sign-On/SAML Enhancements
  3. Dynatrace APM Now Bi-Directional (Populate Timeline Graphs)
  4. API Functional Test - Swagger Import Improvements


Add a Description To Your Tests


By popular demand, test configurations now have a “description” field, where you can document the scope or purpose of your test. No more “LongTestNameTryingToTellTheWholeStory” required!


add description to your BlazeMeter tests


This feature is available in JMeter Test (new), Taurus and API Functional Test flows.


Single Sign-On/SAML Enhancements


We’ve listened to feedback from our single sign-on (SSO) customers who wanted greater control over new user accounts and no more “pile up” of new users in the default workspace.


  1. Now you can turn off the “default” workspace, so users can only use BlazeMeter if they have been added to one or more workspaces by an admin. With this option, users who have not been assigned a workspace will get a splash screen asking them to contact the admin for access, instead of landing in a default workspace with full entitlements.
  2. Want to add user accounts without depending on email invitations for users to read and respond to?  Check! Now you can create and activate accounts entirely from the admin side.


Dynatrace APM Now Bi-Directional (Populate Timeline Graphs)


Our integration with Dynatrace is now bi-directional!  You’ve always been able to send “red dye” (decorated headers) outbound to make test traffic easy to see in Dynatrace and now you can pull Dynatrace metrics inbound to visualize in Timeline Graphs. This is also the debut of Dynatrace support in our new test create (NTC) screens. We’ve made this new functionality available in both our legacy and new test create (NTC) screens.


dynatrace apm now bi-directional for blazemeter


API Functional Test - Swagger Import Improvements


Our new API Functional Test feature continues to evolve at a fast pace. This sprint we’ve enhanced the new Import swagger file feature:


  1. Parameters are now converted to variables, so you can easily populate them with test data from a CSV file.
  2. Base URL (default address) and base path (default path) are saved in global variables.
  3. Now you can cancel import of swagger file mid-import if needed.


Look for “Import swagger file” in the (...) menu at the bottom of the Scenario list box:


omport swagger file to blazemeter


Release Date: April 22, 2018

Here’s what’s new this week:

  1. API Functional Test: we’ve been busy :-)
  2. Reminder: JMeter <2.13 will be deprecated April 29th
  3. Usage Report now shows if run from UI, API, Jenkins, etc...
  4. Bamboo plugin updated: New “BlazeMeter Test Report” tab


API Functional Test: we’ve been busy :-)


Have a look at API Functional Test.  Since our public release last sprint, we’ve been very busy:

  • Import Swagger (Open API) files to create scenarios: import all verb + endpoint combinations or only selected ones
  • Use test data from CSV files
  • Dynamically pull file content into request body
  • Add file attachments (binary files) to requests
  • New request methods (PATCH, OPTIONS, HEAD, CONNECT)
  • Text type assertions - define assertions without the need to know regular expression syntax
  • JSONPath value assertions - assert the value found at the defined JSONPath
  • Response time assertions for individual requests
  • Common functions - generating random numbers or random strings for parameters in your test or base64 or URL encoding strings
  • All private locations are available from the UI for API Functional Test
  • Download test script from the UI (Taurus YAML)


Reminder: JMeter <2.13 will be deprecated April 29th


We will deprecate JMeter versions <2.13 on April 29th.  When we do, we’ll switch to executing these older scripts with the 2.13 engine.


Usage Report now shows if run from UI, API, Jenkins, etc...


Usage reports now include an “Execution Client Id” column so you can see at a glance whether test was run from UI, API, Taurus, Jenkins, etc...


Bamboo plugin updated: New “BlazeMeter Test Report” tab:


Jump to detailed BlazeMeter reports right from your Bamboo build dashboard with the new BlazeMeter Test Report tab.


What's new in BlazeMeter


Learn more about the Bamboo plugin for BlazeMeter:

Release Date: March 25, 2018

Here’s what’s new this week:

  • API Functional Test: 1,000 requests included with your account
  • Unlimited accounts:  see total parallel runs across workspaces
  • Report screen commands: look for new icons instead of buttons


API Functional Test: 1,000 requests included with your account


blazemeter updates api testing


Use our new intuitive UI to create API Functional Tests with or without writing code. Templates for authentication, variable extraction and dozens of other use cases make it fast and easy, whether writing your first test or your 100th.


Prefer to write code? Toggle between the UI and code editor with a click.


If you already have JMeter scripts or Taurus YAML scripts, just upload and run them to get detailed functional test results. Watch the animation below or read the help topic to learn more.


api functional testing, blazemeter


Unlimited accounts: see total parallel runs across workspaces


If you have an unlimited plan, you can now see how many parallel runs are operating across all workspaces in your account.


Hover over the green circled number showing tests running in your workspace to see the count of tests running in all workspaces.


blazemeter, parallel runs

Report screen commands: look for new icons instead of buttons


In the report, we have converted the “Compare” and “Summary” buttons into icons, joining the Accessibility, Share, Refresh and Delete buttons which became icons a few releases back.


From today forward, you’ll see these icons and hover tooltips:


blazemeter gui updates

Release Date: March 11, 2018

New Versions Supported: JMeter 4, Java 9, Taurus 1.10.5


Now you can run JMeter 4, Java 9 and Taurus 1.10.5 on BlazeMeter.


We will deprecate JMeter versions <2.13 in April.  When we do, we’ll execute these older scripts using the 2.13 engine.  Now is a great time to check to see if your <2.13 scripts need edits to run on 2.13.  JMeter is great at backward compatibility, but better safe than surprised :-)


Sandbox IP Address List Change


We have updated our Sandbox location to be served from the following six IP addresses.  If you have whitelisted our Sandbox location, you will want to update your whitelist to the following:



Chrome Recording Extension Upgraded


The Chrome recording extension has been upgraded:

  • Create and name Transactions as you do your recording with “Edit Transaction Labels”
  • Choose which requests to record with greater precision (i.e. top level requests + cookies, for instance)
  • Run tests as “API Functional Tests” (single VU with enhanced reporting)


chrome recording extension updated


CloudWatch APM data moved to the Timeline Report


CloudWatch now joins our other “inbound” APM integrations on the Timeline Report. Previously CloudWatch data appeared on a separate report tab. Enjoy the streamlined experience :-)


cloudwatch apm data upgrade blazemeter


Overlay your own data on the Timeline Report (coming soon!)


Ever wish you could overlay your own time-series data on the BlazeMeter Timeline Report? We’ll be releasing an API soon which lets you post JSON data to overlay on any test, even in real time. Watch for an update in the next release or drop a line to if you want to get started right away.


Summary report graphs change resolution @ 5 min mark


The time-series resolution in the Summary report graphs now changes at the 5-minute mark:

  1. In the first five minutes of the test, the graphs show one-second resolution.
  2. After five minutes, the graphs switch to one-minute resolution.


Taurus Tests now configured on New Test Create Screen


Starting today, when you press the “Taurus” test create button, you’ll go to the New Test Create (NTC) screen being rolled out as part of our New Test Create Beta.  For advanced users who have been running Taurus tests on BlazeMeter for some time, you’ll be interested to hear that the default execution framework is moving from “Taurus V1” to “Taurus V4” with this update.


New Test Create (NTC) Beta Updates


We’ve been gradually rolling out a new test create workflow and underlying test execution architecture since earlier in the new year. Here’s a peek at what we’ve added in the most recent drop.  If you have questions about the beta (including requests to join the beta and try it out so you can influence our final builds), please drop us a line at


NTC: Load configuration enhancements


  1. The scrolls are “exponential” so that it is easier to configure using them.
  2. The test visualization graph now shows a “zoomed in” view of the ramp up period, with ⅔ of the space showing the ramp and ⅓ of the space showing duration of the post-ramp hold period.
  3. We added support for the “Limit RPS” setting and “Change RPS” mid-test button.


blazmeter load configuration enhancements


NTC: Debug Test


The Debug Test button launches a quick run of your test at low scale to confirm that everything works from the cloud. Unlike the “sandbox test” feature in the previous version, with Debug Test, your settings (such as scale, location or duration) aren’t changed or reset in any way. We also write out a more detailed “trace.jtl” log for these runs to assist with troubleshooting.


debugging load test upgrades blazemeter


NTC: File Validation


When you upload a file in New Test Create, we validate the uploaded file, checking for:

  • Missing files that are part of configuration (referred within a yml)
  • Broken JMX (XML issues)
  • Invalid YML
  • Taurus configuration errors


The validation occurs automatically on file upload and you can re-validate on demand by clicking the “Revalidate” after making corrections/uploading new files.


file validation upgrades blazemeter

Release Date: February 25, 2018

New Cloud Locations: Google Montreal and Netherlands


This week we’ve added two new Google locations, Canada East (Montreal) and EU West (Netherlands). You can now choose from 56 cloud locations across Amazon, Azure and Google. 


You asked. We listened.


Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most. This week we implemented two requests that were recently posted as feature requests on the Ideas Portal:


Resize columns in Request Stats and Executive Summary reports


Long labels truncated? Just drag the column wider to see it all.


blazemeter request stats report


Project name navigates to project page


When you click on project name, it navigates you to the list of tests in your project.


blazemeter project page