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Release Date: September 10, 2017
  • The Test Booting Screen is now updated with more information for improving your testing experience.

We’ve added details about the test status, test name, script name, whether dedicated IPs are used and the status of each session - multi-location/multi-test. We’ve also enlarged the elapsed time indicator and moved links to learning resources to the bottom left.


The BlazeMeter Test Booting Screen is now updated with more information for improving your testing experience


  • The New Private Location (On-premise Load) architecture enables easier installation.

Are you testing your system behind a firewall? You’ll be happy to hear that we’ve made the installation process of our on-prem testing much simpler.


  • The Usage Report is refined with more information.

We’ve updated the Usage Report both in the UI and the CSV document. Six columns have been added:

  • Charge Type
  • Credits Used
  • Plan Name
  • Report Notes
  • First Sample
  • Last Sample


Note: You can enjoy the improved reporting abilities for data created as early as January 2017.


  • The API Test Maker supports Open Authentication (OAuth).

We’ve enabled adding OAuth tokens to your API tests.


  • The API Test Maker supports model level test generation.

We’ve added the ability to create tests for every operation in your API with the single click of button.


  • The Quick Test in the API Test Maker supports Private Locations.

We’ve enabled executing API Quick Tests by using Private Locations behind a firewall.


  • The API Test Maker supports ad hoc changes to API Keys and Basic Auth.

We’ve added the ability to make changes to the API Key or Basic Auth for your API tests without having to regenerate all of your tests. Your authentication changes are automatically applied to your tests the next time you execute them.

Release Date: August 28, 2017

New geo-locations available:

  • GCE EU West (Frankfurt)
  • GCE EU West (London)
  • GCE Australia (Sydney)
Release Date: August 13, 2017
  • Azure is now fully supported!

You can now run your BlazeMeter tests through Azure’s geo-locations.


  • Functional tests now support uploading files from shared folders

Use the scripts from your shared folders while functional testing, to save time, reduce friction and improve your workflow


  • We’ve updated our loader, hope you like the new design

We would love to hear what you think.

Release Date: July 30, 2017
  • SQL Injection Testing

Have you verified that your API isn't vulnerable to a SQL injection attack? The API Test Maker now lets you create SQL injection tests. Confirm that each endpoint in your API is safe.


  • Load Report was Deprecated

You can still find all the good stuff in the Timeline Report:


  • Choose your preferred Interval from the top left corner of the report

blazemeter load report timeline report

  • The GeoMean measurement selector can be chosen for the following KPIs: Response Time, Latency and Bytes

blazemeter load report timeline report


Release Date: July 4, 2017
  • Better Test Analysis - The Engine Health tab now shows the engines’ public IPs, in tests executed from now on.
  • User Management Improved - User’s last access time is now shown instead of the last login time, in Users and Members tables (Account & Workspaces)
  • Dedicated IPs Revamped - Are you using our Dedicated IPs to test behind the firewall? We’ve improved our syncing mechanism for a more fluent experience.