Continuous Connecting: How Grindr Uses BlazeMeter to Speed Innovation and Ensure Outstanding Application Performance


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Use Case

Continuous Testing

About Grindr:

Grindr is the world’s largest gay social network for men. Designed for sexual encounters, dating or friendship, the Grindr app enables users to view nearby users, filter profiles, chat, and share pictures. It is a free and discreet app, available in ~200 countries and used by 5-6 million users monthly and 2.4 million users daily.

The Challenge:

Grindr uses BlazeMeter as part of their Continuous Delivery strategy, which incorporates load testing into the entire development process rather than as the last step in verification. By deploying their build in an environment that can be scaled and load tested, they can certify, on time, that their actions haven’t degraded the system’s performance and that their millions of users won’t be affected by the changes made when builds are deployed to production.

During their tests, Grindr examined the test results in relation to established benchmarks, which include predicting by how much the new build will improve their performance, finding deficiencies in new builds, determining if a new build will degrade the performance of their systems, and how it works under load.

In addition, Grindr needs to deal with different protocols such as HTTP and XMPP.

The Solution:

Grindr uses both JMeter and BlazeMeter. JMeter is an open source load testing tool, and Grindr uses BlazeMeter to leverage its abilities. By executing tests through BlazeMeter, Grindr can run tests at high scale while actively simulating usage and system performance patterns, load test different protocols other than session-based HTTP, easily gather data and reports on system behaviour and get feedback.

The Results:

Grindr now supports 1.2 million users at peak, with two peaks a day. Their time-to-market has accelerated dramatically, they increased their public releases from 2-3 a month to 12-15 a month, within 6 months! They also reduced their downtime to zero and their system no longer collapses during outages. Sometimes outages aren’t even detected by users.

By using BlazeMeter, Grindr was able to successfully deploy and release an entire new platform along with new versions of their client apps with zero downtime and no outages or loss of data. BlazeMeter allowed the deployment teams to fine tune the new platform’s performance. This allowed Grindr to dramatically reduce their infrastructure footprint, thus saving tens of thousands of dollars in hosting costs.

BlazeMeter also empowers Grindr to make informed business decisions. The ability to predict the effects of infrastructure changes enables preparation and knowledgeable decision making. For example, following their use of BlazeMeter, Grindr decided to change their vendors and host on Amazon.

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