Clare Avieli is the Director of Product Marketing at CA BlazeMeter, where she leads the digital marketing team. She has 15+ years of experience in marketing, PR, and writing, with a specialization in technology. Prior to CA BlazeMeter, Clare led the online and content marketing strategy at Panaya (now Infosys) and was the marketing manager at Nolio, now CA Release Automation.

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Watch the Webcast: Start Testing With Open Source Tools

How long does it normally take you to test the performance of your website, API or mobile app?


For many of us, the answer is 'too long'! We're either stuck waiting for the specialists to get to us or saddled with clunky, old-fashioned load testing tools that take weeks or months just to set up. One thing is for sure - we can't afford not to test performance as user expectations are higher than ever. In fact, recent research has shown that 40% of people will abandon your site or app if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

But we also don't have the time to wait for the specialists or tools with lengthy set up times anymore. With everything moving so much faster in these days of Continuous Delivery and DevOps, we can't afford to let our timelines be held hostage to the old ways of doing things. 

In our recorded webcast, we show you how open source tools allow you to move faster than you ever imagined - without forcing you to compromise on quality. 


BlazeMeter's Performance Engineer Michael Sage covers:


  • How any team member can run a professional load test in under 5 minutes

  • How to leverage the Cloud to scale your tests to any desired level of traffic

  • How to easily run any performance test in your Continuous Integration process


This webcast is free and available on-demand. Click here to watch it now

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