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Oct 27 2016

Top 8 AWS re:Invent Sessions You Just Can't Miss

AWS re:Invent 2016 is a only few weeks away, so now is the time to book your trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. AWS will be a huge event, taking place from November 28th to December 2nd and covering topics from cloud impacts to IoT. Developers and DevOps will be one of the main focuses, with dozens of sessions intended just for them.


Since so much is going on, we put together our top recommended sessions for developers, operations, performance engineers and testers. We hope you find them interesting.


(CA BlazeMeter will also be at re:Invent - you can find more details below).


aws re:invent 2016


1.  DevOps on AWS: Accelerating Software Delivery with the AWS Developer Tools


We’re big fans of continuous delivery (CD), so it’s no surprise we’re recommending this talk. Here, Amazon Web Services will describe their own CD processes. We’re really interested in hearing about how these practices and DevOps culture can be brought in to different companies.


2. Develop, Build, Deploy, and Manage Containerized Services and Applications on the AWS Cloud


In this session, Red Hat experts will explain how to deploy and manage Linux-based applications in the cloud. We’re especially looking forward to learning about the benefits of automated configuration and hearing their key use-cases.


3. From Dial-Up to DevOps - AOL’s Migration to the Cloud


There is no replacement to hearing users talk about their own experiences. In this session, AOL and Datadog will give an in-depth explanation of AOL’s movement from globally distributed data centers to the cloud. We’re especially interested in learning about their engineering culture and automation and monitoring practices.


4. Scaling Your Web Applications with AWS Elastic Beanstalk


Learn about new tools (1). Here, Elastic Beanstalk and AWS will explain how to deploy codes through their tools, tune performance, scale applications and perform with zero down-time. We’re especially looking forward to the interactive demos.


5. Chalice: A Serverless Microframework for Python


Learn about new tools (2). In this session, AWS will show how to use Chalice, a Python serverless micro framework, to create serverless REST APIs. We’re also looking forward to learning about URL routing, automatic policy generation and Swagger exports.


6. Automated Governance of Your AWS Resources


Optimize the tools you are using. In this session, AWS will demonstrate how to use automated tools to manage configuration resources without affecting developer productivity. We are especially interested in viewing the demo that uses AWS tools.


7. Multi-Region Delivery Netflix Style


In this session, Netflix will demonstrate how they deliver services on a global scale - across multiple accounts over 4,000 times a day. We’re especially interested in hearing about the lessons they’ve learned (and we’re hoping they’ll give us a sneak peek into next season’s shows).


8. DevOps on AWS: Choosing the Right Software Deployment Technique


What is the best approach to optimize delivery of cloud applications? In this session, AWS will explore different opportunities and scenarios. We’re especially looking forward to the demonstrations of the deployment techniques.


Meet CA BlazeMeter at re:Invent

Our expert performance team will be on site at re:Invent at booth #1847, offering advice and insight on load and performance testing, continuous testing, continuous integration, testing native mobile apps, Apache JMeter, and a lot more.

You can schedule a meeting with us at our booth by clicking here.

See you at re:Invent!

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