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Top 13 Recommended Sessions for Velocity 2017

Velocity 2017 is just a month away, and this is the perfect time to browse through the sessions and decide which ones you want to attend. Taking place in San Jose, California, from June 20 to June 22, Velocity is one of the leading events for DevOps, developers and performance engineers. If you want to keep pace with all the new achievements in the fields of engineering, infrastructure and platforms,  and testing practices, Velocity is the place to be.


Velocity will be cram-packed with interesting talks and presentations. In this blog post, we rounded up the top 13 sessions we are looking forward to the most. We chose them because they steer the way testing will be done in the future (and even now).


We will also be there, more details below.


Here are our top 13 recommended sessions for Velocity 2017:


1 - Container Orchestration Wars


Karl Isenberg, a distributed systems architect at Mesosphere, will compare different container orchestrators and explain different container orchestration features. We’re interested in learning how to choose the best container orchestrator according to specific needs.


2 - A/B Testing Sexism: Interviewing as a Female Executive in Tech


Lisa van Gelder, SVP of technology at Bauer Xcel Media, will analyze how and why women are marginalized in tech interviews and positions, even for executive jobs. Most importantly, Lisa will explain how hiring practices should change, and will offer practices for women interviewees.


3 - Continuous Delivery Made Easy: Removing Barriers in the Modern Software Factory


Jeff Schaeffer, SVP of Application Delivery at CA, will present new technologies, solutions and best practices that drive and enable organizations to achieve continuous delivery. Through a live presentation, Jeff will show how companies can improve their code quality and save money.


4 - Lyft's Envoy: Experiences Operating a Large Service Mesh


Matt Klein, software engineer at Lyft, will describe how Lyft used Envoy to create and manage a “service mesh” network. We’re especially interested in hearing about the difficulties and successes Lyft encountered along the way.


5 - The Move to Event Sourcing and CQRS in Distributed Systems


Dan Jones, CTO and co founder of VictorOps, will explain how event sourcing and CQRS enable scaling and system management. We’re especially interested in hearing the VictorOps success story.


6 - Technical Decision Making for Teams, the Open Source Way


Juan Pablo Buriticá, VP engineering at Splice, will discuss how open-source processes can change and advance teams, by encouraging participation, encouraging responsibility and delegating risk taking. Sounds fascinating.


7 - CD for DBs: Database Deployment Strategies


Chris Fulton, global technical account manager at Electric Cloud, will share and compare different strategies and practices for database deployments. We’re looking forward to hearing how to deploy as part of the CD pipeline.


8 - Google Cloud Spanner: Global Consistency at Scale


Miles Ward, global head of solutions for Google Cloud, will show how the Google Spanner works. We’re very interested in learning how the Spanner can be used.


9 - Open Source Tool Chains for Continuous Testing


Our very own Refael Botbol will teach DevOps, developers and performance engineers how to integrate open-source Apache JMeter™ and Selenium with Taurus and Jenkins, to achieve continuous integration and continuous testing. Shifting left enables complete test coverage, which reduces the risk for test failure and empowers developer autonomy over their code, and we’re looking forward to learning how to do it through these specific open-source tools.


10 - The Service Mesh: Distributed Resilience for a Cloud-Native World


Oliver Gould, CTO of Buoyant, will provide a comprehensive explanation of service meshes, how they are used and how they can be implemented. We’re especially interested in learning how service meshes are connected to the rest of the cloud-native stack.


11 - Zero Trust Networks: Building Systems in Untrusted Networks


Doug Barth, site reliability engineer at Stripe, and Evan Gilman, site reliability engineer at PagerDuty, show how the Zero Trust security model architecture can be used to build more secure systems. We’re keen on learning about the Zero Trust model.


12 - When it Absolutely, Positively, Has to be There: Reliability Guarantees in Kafka


Gwen Shapira, system architect at Confluent, will explain and show how to build a data pipeline with Kafka. We’re especially interested in learning how we can sure data isn’t lost along the way.


13 - Our Many Monitoring Monsters


Megan Anctil, senior engineer at Slack, will show how to apply open-source monitoring solutions, and to scale them according to specific needs. We’re excited about learning from Slack’s experience


Meet BlazeMeter at Velocity


Our expert performance team will be on site at Velocity at booth #901, offering advice and insight on load and performance testing, continuous testing, continuous integration, testing native mobile apps, Apache JMeter, and a lot more.


You can schedule a meeting with us at our booth by clicking here.


See you at Velocity!


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