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Aug 01 2017

The Top 13 Recommended Sessions for Developers at Jenkins World 2017

Jenkins World 2017 will take place this year in San Francisco, from August 28 to August 31. Packed with training sessions and workshops, Jenkins World is THE place for DevOps, developers, QA engineers and anyone who tests code.


Not sure what to see there? This blog post will cover the top 13 sessions we recommend. We chose them because they teach the technologies of the future of Continuous Testing and Continuous Integration.


We will also be there, more details below.


Here are our top 13 recommended sessions for Jenkins World 2017:


1. How to Make an Open Source Project Successful - On Purpose


Andrey Pokhilko, BlazeMeter’s Chief Scientist, will provide tips and best practices for nurturing and growing open-source projects. Based on his 8 years of experience of contributing and building open-source projects, Andrey is an expert in open-source building. Therefore, we highly recommend this talk for anyone who participates in open-source communities. (Wed., Aug. 30, 11:30am - 12:15pm)


2. Disposable Jenkins


Mandy Hubbard, Software Engineer and QA Architect at, will present her vision for improving Jenkins as a full stack manager for continuous delivery pipelines. (Wed., Aug.30, 3:00pm - 3:45pm)


3. Learn to Release Faster by Load Testing with Jenkins


This free hands-on workshop will teach how to test continuously with Jenkins, JMeter, BlazeMeter and Taurus. Conducted by our very own Guy Salton and Kiran Makarla, participants will learn to run JMeter with Jenkins, run the BlazeMeter plugin for Jenkins and how to use open-source Taurus. (Tue., Aug. 29, 1:00pm - 5:00pm)


4. Driving Digital Transformation with Jenkins: The Top Five Don’t Dos


Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jenkins Founder and CTO at CloudBees, and Harpreet Singh, VP of Product Management at CloudBees, will walk us through the development of Cloudbees. Starting with reforming Jenkins testing; through platform migration, implementing Docker and using pipeline features; and up to creating a push-button deploy, this will surely be a fascinating and eye-opening talk. (Wed., Aug. 30, 3:00pm - 3:45pm)


5. Scaling Jenkins for the Enterprise - Verizon


Danrisha Young, DevOps Platform Engineer from Verizon, and Sharat Nellutla, from Verizon, will show how Verizon scales with Jenkins. This lightening talk will cover the highs and the lows of this enterprises’ Jenkins journey. (Wed., Aug. 30, 3:30pm - 3:40pm)


6. Extending Blue Ocean


Keith Zantow, Senior Software Engineer at CloudBees, will teach us how to build a Blue Ocean plugin and adapt existing plugins into the Blue Ocean framework. We are looking forward to this talk, since Blue Ocean is a very valuable tool to learn. (Wed., Aug. 30, 4:15pm - 5:00pm)


7. Multi-Branch Pipelines at Capital One For Fun and Profit


Dave Tashner, from Capital One’s Shared Tools engineering team, will present how they adopted multi-branch pipelines for their testing needs. This lightening talk will show how a Fortune 500 financial services company tests their commits. (Thu., Aug. 31, 9:00am - 9:30am)



8. Scaling Jenkins with Kubernetes


Carlon Sanchez, Senior Software Engineer at Cloudbees, will demo the Jenkins Kubernetes plugin. Kubernetes is an important open-source project, so we are looking forward to this talk. (Thu., Aug. 31, 9:30am - 10:15am)


9. Jenkins Forever: Never Delete Anything and Keep Optimal Speed


Luca Milanesio, GerritForge Co-founder, will explain how they kept and used information from Jenkins, like logs, artifacts and feedback. (Thu., Aug. 31, 10:45am - 11:30am)


10. Bringing Jenkins Remote Access API to the Masses


Cliffano Subagio from Shine Solutions will show you how he built a Jenkins OpenAPI spec that covers both Remote Access API and Blue Ocean API, and used it to generate more than 70 API client libraries. He will also demonstrate how those libraries can be used for Jenkins integration with Slack and services. (Thu., Aug. 31, 11:45am - 12:30am)


11. Zero to Jenkins: Tips & Tricks for Using Jenkins in AWS


Kolby Allen, AWS Architect from WatchGuard Technologies, will share tips and best practices for moving to a fully automated AWS environment. This promising talk will cover solutions for multiple challenges, including automated agent creation, shared Groovy libraries and multibranch pipelines. (Thu., Aug. 31, 1:30pm - 2:15pm)


12. Simplify Your Jenkins Projects with Docker Multi-stage Builds


Eric Smalling, Solution Architect at Docker, will teach a very useful and important process: how to keep Docker images small with multi-stage Docker builds. (Thu., Aug. 31, 2:30pm - 3:15pm)


13. JenkinsPipelineUnit: Test your Continuous Delivery Pipeline


Ozan Günalp and Emmanuel Quincerot from will share the open-source testing framework they built for unit testing pipelines, as a way to improve and simplify their Jenkins testing. This talk will also cover best practices for migrating to the pipeline DSL. (Thu., Aug. 31, 3:45pm - 4:30pm)


Meet BlazeMeter at Jenkins World


Our expert performance team will be on site at Jenkins World at booth #302, offering advice and insight on load and performance testing, continuous testing, continuous integration, testing native mobile apps, JMeter, and a lot more.

You can schedule a meeting with us at our booth by clicking here.


We will also present a few more lightning talks at our booth #302 (times subject to change, this list will be updated):

  • Pipeline "as Code" Because UI is Overrated - 83% of organizations plan releases with spreadsheets. 70% of testing is still manual. How can we get all our teams as agile as development in the cloud? Tue., Aug. 29, at 5:15pm, by Uri Scheiner
  • Speed Your Exit from HPE: Convert to Open-source For Free - If Performance Testing has been synonomous with LoadRunner in your organization, you probably aren't running performance tests from Jenkins yet.  Now you can convert LoadRunner scripts to Open-source with an online script converter for free, speeding your migration from legacy/proprietary to open source and CI automation. Tue., Aug. 29, at 5:45pm, and Wed., Aug. 30, at 11:15am, by Dave Karow
  • Automate Your Open-source JMeter and Selenium Test Scripts Using Taurus and Jenkins - Taurus is an open-source automation framework that makes it easier than ever to integrate your load test scripts into CI tools such as Jenkins. By adding your load tests to your CI process you complete the missing piece in your CI/CD cycle and make sure you improve your product quality and reduce the time to market.  Tue., Aug. 29 at 6:15pm, and Thu., Aug. 31, at 1:15pm, by Guy Salton
  • Orchestrating Mobile Tests with Appium and Taurus - Learn how to orchestrate mobile application testing with an open-source testing framework. Tue., Aug. 29, at 6:45pm, by Andrey Pokhilko
  • Shift Performance Testing Left and Get Your Weekends Back! - Learn how you can incorporate performance testing earlier in the development cycle, eliminate late surprises and speedup deployments. Wed., Aug. 30, at 10:55am, by Eric Dapp
  • Fail Fast with Continuous TestingWed., Aug. 30, at 12:30pm, by Uri Scheiner
  • Stop Writing Functional API Tests. Just Auto Generate & Execute - No Coding Required! - Modern Applications are a collection of microservices and API calls. What kind of API testing can you really do? How comprehensive can they really be? Wed., Aug. 30, at 12:55pm, and Thu., Aug. 31, at 12:45pm, by Kiran Makarla
  • Jenkins Plugin for Easy Performance Testing - It's difficult to scale manual operations, that's why we put everything we can into CI. Learn how easy it is to run automated performance tests inside Jenkins. Wed., Aug. 30, at 1:20pm, by Andrey Pokhilko
  • Stop waiting to test.  Get realistic test environments whenever you need them, for free! - How to easily create reliable, predictable test environments right from your desktop. Wed., Aug. 30, at 1:50pm, and Thu., Aug. 31, at 10:25am, by Rick Bansal
  • Run 100,000 concurrent user load tests in less than 10 minutes - Build & execute performance tests before big events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to ensure your application performs. Wed., Aug. 30, at 3:55pm, by Guy Salton
  • DevOps Evolution : Architecting  the Modern Software Factory - As software delivery models keeps evolving and organizations adopt devops, what does it take to eliminate barriers and architect a modern software factory to deliver exceptional user experience with quality Apps faster - with reduced cost and risk? Thu., Aug. 31, at 3:30pm, by Anand Akela


See you at Jenkins World!


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