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JMeter IoT testing using the MQTT Protocol: A Primer

A primer to performance testing IoT with the MQTT protocol. Try out innovative testing ideas with JMeter.

Moving from Manual to Automated Testing with BlazeMeter

In my last blog I wrote how I arrived at giving BlazeMeter a try. In this blog, I'll describe my evaluation process and first impressions of BlazeMeter.

Using Taurus for Load Tests with 100+ Labels

If a JMeter Performance test contains more than 100 labels, BlazeMeter reports display the metrics to the first 100 labels. A multi-test keeps track of up to 300 labels.

Using the While Controller in JMeter

Learn to use the While Controller in JMeter. Simulate the While loop in your load tests with this guide. Master if-then scenarios in your performance script.

Testing Windows Applications Using Taurus and Selenium: A Guide

This Selenium Testing desktop application guide details the steps involved in testing the legacy Notepad application using Taurus, leveraging a Selenium Script.

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Make Back End Data Accessible to Your Functional Testers Using BlazeMeter

Generating synthetic data can be very useful in many testing scenarios, but there comes a time when you need to use your own back end data to test. Read this blog to learn how to create test data using BlazeMeter.

3 Common Issues When Running JMeter Scripts and How to Solve Them

3 Common Issues when Running JMeter Script and How to Solve Them.You can simulate almost anything using JMeter scripting; log in, posting of forms, various browsers and so on, and finding the cause of failed tests can induce a series of painful headaches.

Your Ultimate Guide To Automated Functional and Visual Testing

Visual testing compares the visible output of an app or website against a baseline image, automatically. Learn how & why you should run visual tests with BlazeMeter and Applitools.

The Quest to Ensuring Quality in Web Applications with BlazeMeter

The story of a QA architecture lead, on a quest to find a load testing tool.

How to Use JMeter Assertions in Three Easy Steps

The ultimate guide to JMeter assertions. Learn everything you need to know about JMeter assertions and get started immediately.

How to Generate Email Addresses with Values From Your Own Seedlist

This is our fourth and final blog post in the series about generating email addresses with BlazeData. This time, we’ll cover how to create your own seedlist.

Mock Services and Test with Dynamic Data in Your Loadrunner Performance Test - with BlazeMeter

Organizations are Replacing LoadRunner with BlazeMeter. Why? To say that Micro Focus LoadRunner customers are looking to replace is old news. It has been a well-known fact for years now, and there

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6 Tips for JMeter If Controller Usage

Learn advanced best practices for using the JMeter If Controller. This guide will cover how to control flows, check condition syntax and more. Load test like a pro.

Testing Your UI While Under Load with BlazeMeter EUX Monitoring

Performance testing and UI testing are 2 very different types of tests, which are usually performed with very different tools. We cover the challenges with and how to test your UI under a load with BlazeMeter’s EUX monitoring feature.