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View the Webcast: How to Scale JMeter and Jenkins Test Automation

Automated testing allows you to detect errors instantly and deliver software rapidly throughout the Continuous Integration (CI) process. We recently held a webinar to show you how easily this

How to Load Test MongoDB with JMeter

As Big Data and real-time web apps keep getting bigger, NoSQL databases are more popular than ever for data storage. This is especially true for NoSQL’s most popular database - MongoDB. Let’s take

Testing the Scalability of Real-time Mobile Transactions

Ensuring that scalability won’t be a problem tomorrow requires extensive, accurate testing today.  At BlazeMeter, we strive to provide our clients with unmatched test capabilities.  Ho

How to Extract Data From Files With JMeter

When it comes to performance testing, it’s crucial that you can reuse response data. Almost (if not all!) load test scenarios assume that you:   Extract interesting aspects from a

How to Test Image Upload Functionality With JMeter

Need to load test the upload image functionality of your web app? Don’t search through endless forum threads looking for help! I’d like to show you—step by step— how easily this can be done via JMeter

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Lessons Learned From Working 'Under the Hood' With JMeter

The best way to learn is through experience - whether it’s your own or someone else’s.   In this article, we’re going to share the experiences of one company’s IT team w

BlazeMeter’s Experts Behind Key Features in Apache JMeter Version 2.13

JMeter 2.13 has an impressive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. BlazeMeter, which is already fully compatible with the new version, contributed to the open source community with the f

View the Webcast: Performance Testing With Real Browsers

If you want to get the most realistic results for your performance tests, using real browsers is the way to go.   But it’s not always easy to do this at scale.   In our latest webi

How (& Why) to Get More Info on Your Load Test Errors

The application failed. A bug was found. What more do you need to know? If you’re running a load test and hoping to debug accordingly, the answer is “a lot!” Unfortunately, many load tests are

4 Things You Should Know About JMeter 2.13

JMeter version 2.13 is out - and the change list is extensive! So extensive that it’s not easy to identify the most valuable features. So I did it for you :)   Here are the top 4 features

5 Things You Should Know About Continuous Deployment...by the Man Who Coined the Term

Tech Guru Timothy Fitz on making the jump to Continuous Deployment, the buzz around DevOps, and why GitHub has set back Software Departments by 5-10 years...   We invited cloud blogger Ofir

Take the Pain out of Load Testing Secure Web Services

There’s no getting around the fact that security is a major consideration for any website or app. Sure, if you’re sharing public information like weather forecasts or currency exchange rates, you can

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Can You Run a Performance Test with 100,000 Real Browsers?

Quick question: How does your web app perform with 100,000 concurrent users? If you can answer that, then one of three things must be true:   1.     You’ve actually ha

BlazeMeter’s Latest Updates: Dedicated IP Support, Projects and Organizations (Beta), and an Enhanced UI

BlazeMeter released new features and updates this week to improve user experience and capabilities.     New features include Dedicated IPs, which enable users to run tests on applicat