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JMeter 2.8 Hot n' Heavy

Time flies. We were just introduced to a damn fine JMeter 2.7. After what feels like a whirlwind love affair, JMeter 2.8 emerged making our heart swoon all over again. And of course, as BlazeMeter is

Top 3 GUI improvements: JMeter 2.7

Not too long ago, in a galaxy that has a delicious candy bar as its namesake, we came face to face with JMeter 2.7.   Since it's a tad surprising to come across a new release so soon after J

What to Include in a Load Test report: Technical Vs Management Reports

Ok, what's the bottom line: Why do we run load tests? For fun? (well, sometimes, load testing IS pretty cool.) We perform load and performance tests to make certain that our hard work designing,

How to Use JMeter's 'IF' Controller

In previous articles we reviewed some nifty little tricks for building test plans using JMeter. You can easily develop scripts which will execute several HTTP Requests with or without any data.

Using Google Sites as a Web Hosting Platform

Question of the day- How good is ‘Google Sites’ as a web hosting platform?   For my contribution to the Computer Measurement Group’s (CMG) yearly conference (CMG Las Vegas

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Top Ten Reasons To Run Load and Performance Testing In The Cloud

Once the functional testing phase is done, it's time for the fun of performance testing. And here you have a major decision. Paper or plastic? No, not that question, but close. Both questions off

Useful JMeter Properties: Save Results. Save the World

Just kidding. No 511 Davida or like is on their way to crash and destroy the earth......hopefully. In a previous post about jmeter.properties we’ve reviewed several entries from jmeter.prope

Knit One Pearl Two: How to Use Variables in Different Thread Groups

Our previous and most delightful post described how to use variables in a single thread group. But as you already know, it is impossible to pass variables between different thread groups. How do we u

JMeter's User Defined Variables Helps to Avoid Code Duplication

User Defined Variables! JMeter's tool to avoid duplication How do we use use variables in one thread group? You can store values that can be used in different parts of the load testing scena

Testing X-Large Capacity Facebook Applications

“When developing applications for Facebook you hope the application will go viral and you also fear it will go viral, so capacity testing is critical,” stated Mike Valenty, Technical Direc

Visualizing JMeter .jtl Files Viewed as An .xsl Stylesheet

Do you know what needs to be done after receiving *.jtl files?   Yes; we have to interpret them.   In an earlier post, we shared how to convert the *.jtl file from an xml format to a rea

Top 2 Techniques to Get JMeter Test Results in non-GUI mode

Stop fiddling around already. We feel you, so we'll give it up-the 2 easiest ways to get JMeter test results in non-GUI mode.   While running tests in non-GUI mode there is no access to lis

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JMeter's Superpower: The HTTP Proxy Server

Using JMeter with BlazeMeter's load testing cloud. JMeter has a major superpower: the ability to record traffic in a single bound (or, in non super hero speak, as it happens).This feature allows testers to avoid the long task of manually recording traffic and automates the task. The HTTP Proxy Server is the tool the superpower operates through, much like Wonder Woman's magic

Greedy Listeners - Memory Leeches of Performance Testing

In the majority of different resources about performance testing, the selection of the right listener for the test is very important thing because each listener takes varying amounts of system memory.