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Watch BlazeMeter's Chief Evangelist Michael Sage Talk Continuous Performance Testing at Velocity

In an interview from the recent Velocity NYC conference, BlazeMeter's Chief Evangelist Michael Sage talks about continuous performance testing throughout the development lifecycle.   Mike

View the Webcast - 5 Ways to Test & Tune What Matters Most this Peak Season

Last week, BlazeMeter and APM experts New Relic co-presented a webinar, 5 Ways to Test & Tune What Matters Most this Peak Season. The full recording is now available.   Michael Sage

BlazeMeter Demonstrates Continuous Performance Testing for IBM Bluemix Apps

BlazeMeter's Chief Evangelist Michael Sage has guest posted on the IBM Bluemix blog, giving a comprehensive demonstration on how to automate continuous performance testing for applications on the

Recording HTTPS Traffic with JMeter's Proxy Server

  If you read our article, JMeter's Superpower: The HTTP Proxy Server, then you already know how to use JMeter's Proxy Server to record HTTP traffic.   But what if a web

Why We Blaze

Performance testing has changed - dramatically.   Long gone are the days of thinking we could get by without testing, and yesterday's approaches haven't kept pace with the demands of mo

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View the Webcast: How to Automatically Test the Performance & Visual Appearance of Your App Under Load

BlazeMeter recently teamed up with automated visual testing experts Applitools to deliver a hands-on webinar on combining frontend and backend testing - allowing you to get a comprehensive view of how

A Load Tester’s Guide to JMeter and BlazeMeter

Here is a helpful to have a handy guide for load testing professionals who are new to JMeter and BlazeMeter. We’ll take some of the familiar tasks and ideas from performance testing in general and shed a bit of light on how to approach those tasks in these next-generation tools.

What is the Relationship Between Users and Hits Per Second?

We’re often asked about the difference between Concurrent Users and Hits or Requests per Second, also known as Throughput. Teams want to know the numbers they should be shooting for as performance

A Walk-Through on Performance Testing on the AWS Blog

In July, Amazon made available to its customers AWS CodePipeline, a continuous delivery and release automation service. And as part of the platform, performance testing powered by BlazeMeter - a

Controlling the Number of Hits Per Second in Performance Tests Using Taurus

This post is part of our continuing series on Taurus, an open source test automation tool that extends and abstracts JMeter, and helps to overcome various challenges. Taurus provides a simple way

Preparing for a Load Test: The Vital Point You May Be Overlooking

When looking at a load test, many people choose to focus on the specific elements involved in that specific test, including the number of threads that should be used, response times and hits. This

Taurus - Working with Multiple JMeter Tests

In this next post in our series on Taurus, we look at overcoming the challenge of working with multiple test script files, with multiple engineers involved, when load testing complex applications.

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The Advantages of Manual Vs. Automated Testing

The question of when and how to use manual and automated testing in the application lifecycle usually has attracted much debate. In general, we follow our existing habits. Teams without a long history

Automated Delivery Acceptance Test Nirvana

Powered by AWS CodePipeline, AWS CloudWatch and BlazeMeter   A view into the smooth continuous delivery workflow that will inevitably reduce time to release and increase test coverage during th