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How to Run Performance Tests on OAuth Secured Apps with JMeter

First Off - What is OAuth & Why do You Need it?   OAuth (the Open Standard for Authorization) is an open protocol which provides token-based authentication and authorization - as opposed to

JMeter Releases Version 2.12 with New Features, Product Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Meter 2.12 is out! If you’re a JMeter user, you can now enjoy an enhanced GUI, new features and fewer bugs. Woohoo!   BlazeMeter is proud to support Apache JMeter. Our performance testing

How to Load Test HTTP Live Media Streaming (HLS) with JMeter

The ultimate guide for load testing HLS protocol with JMeter. Write the best performance scripts before sports events, music concerts and more and get ready.

Overcoming Scale and Load Challenges: 5 Guidelines for Web-App Developers. Part 1

The once far-fetched notion of starting from nothing and making it big has become much more attainable over the past few years. Web-scale environments have given startups the ability to obtain million

JMeter for DevOps: Webcast Now Online

JMeter is the leading open source performance testing tool - but are you fully equipped to take advantage of all its capabilities?

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The Ultimate Competence Matrix for Performance Testers

How advanced are your skills as a performance tester? Do you know precisely where your strengths lie, what you still need to work on, and how to get the extra performance testing knowledge that you

Load Testing Challenges: Present & Future Interview With Alex Podelko

Alex Podelko is a prominent thought leader in the world of load and performance testing. For the past sixteen years, Alex has supported numerous performance initiatives for several large companies. He

3 Reasons Why Open Source Alone Isn't Enough for JMeter Experts

If you want to master JMeter performance testing, it’s worth taking a leaf out of the book from the experts.   Advanced JMeter users usually come from a performance engineering background

How to Use JUnit With JMeter

Do you need to use JUnit in your testing processes? To answer this question, let’s take a look first at unit testing.

How Load Testing Helped Solve My Startup’s Teething Problems

This is a guest post written by Chen Atlas, Founder and CTO of laundry and dry-cleaning scheduling app Cleanly. This is Chen’s first post in a series of articles, in which he’ll be sharing

View the Webcast: Understanding Performance Testing for Web and Mobile Apps

Missed our webinar on performance testing for web and mobile applications?   Nearly 1,500 people signed up for this webinar – and we recorded the session in full so you can enjoy it too!

Tips and Tools for Black Box Testing

It might not be your preferred method, but sometimes black box testing is inevitable.  Here's an example of a scenario that I often encounter…

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How to use JMeter's Constant Throughput Timer

What is the simplest test plan in JMeter?   It is a single Thread Group that contains both the HTTP Sample Requests AND the View Results Tree at the end of test plan.   But is it a good

Using the XPath Extractor in JMeter

When you’re writing JMeter scripts, the XPath Extractor prove to be very useful in cases where data from the response body is needed and when it becomes overly difficult to extract information using t