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How I Made Sure my Geo-Redundant Cloud Service Wouldn’t Fail

This is a guest post by Alex Gomes, a leading expert in cloud technology and the author of Highly Scalable Geo Redundant Cloud Services: Using Microsoft Azure.

View the Webcast: Continuous Testing in Practice

Continuous testing is a hot topic - and for a very good reason. Nearly 2,500 people signed up for yesterday’s webinar to learn how Continuous Testing will enable them to achieve shorter release

How to Use JMeter for Backend-Based Functional Testing

Software development and testing has evolved a lot in recent years...   Software once ran without any external connectivity, and functionality testing was done locally. In the mid to late ninet

Is Your Continuous Delivery Model Destined to Fail?

Here's a scary thought entering more and more heads of late: What if our Continuous Delivery implementation is destined to fail?   Anybody asking that question is probably at a critical sta

BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform Achieves VMware Ready - vCloud Air™ Status Under Access Tier in vCloudTM Air® ISV Program

BlazeMeter, the continuous testing as a service platform for mobile, web and APIs, today announced that its BlazeMeter continuous testing platform, has achieved VMware Ready- vCloud Air&trad

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BlazeMeter Gets VMware Ready "Stamp of Approval"

This week we announced that our Continuous Testing Platform passed VMware Ready’s strict testing requirements to achieve the status of “VMware Ready - VCloud Air®.   What does

Why You’re Blowing $$$ With Every Load Test

Are your load tests unnecessarily draining the company budget? Chances are, the answer is yes!   Why? When creating reliable test scenarios for performance tests, you need many temporary resour

These 2 Mins Will Transform Your Continuous Delivery Process

When it comes to game changers in software development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes are up there with the best. Since the introduction of these agile processes, software d

Don’t Let the Super Bowl Take Down Your Site

Are you ready for the Super Bowl?   Sure, you have the potato chips at hand and the beers on ice...but will you need to abandon them to fix a website crash?   Here are three reasons why

Stop Making Assumptions! Learn How to Replay Your Production Traffic With JMeter

You probably make a lot of assumptions when creating a JMeter script. When testing applications, most of us create JMeter scripts based on assumptions about various user scenarios and try to emulate

JMeter Users: The One Book You MUST Read This Year

Good books on JMeter are hard to find. In fact, there are just three books on JMeter available in the entire world - and two of them were written by the same author.   The JMeter Cookbook is Ba

BEWARE: Lazy Lovers May Crash Your Site This Valentine’s Day

February 14 is one month away. This gives you enough time to get your site or app ready for the influx of romantics buying gifts, cards, and even looking for love online.   But even with thorou

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5 Unmissable DevOps Events in 2015

It may be 2015 but DevOps is still an evolving market. As such, there’s no fixed ‘go-to’ annual DevOps conference (yet!). All the more reason then, to make sure that we attend the mo

How to Load Test CSRF-Protected Web Sites

Does this picture look familiar?   If not, get ready to start seeing it a lot! More and more sites, applications and application frameworks are expected to start implementing protection fr