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5 Key Things You Need to Know About JMeter 3.0

The Apache JMeter team has just released JMeter 3.0, a major new release of the leading open source testing tool. It is loaded (no pun intended) with several new features and improvements.


JMeter's JSON Path Extractor Plugin - Advanced Usage Scenarios

Learn how to run advanced test scenarios utilizing the JSON Path Extractor, a JMeter plugin that enables extracting values from JSON responses. Start performance testing in no time.

How to Use a Counter in a JMeter Test

A guide to JMeter Counter elements. Learn to use Counters and the Loop Controller in your load test to manage the pace of your performance script execution.

Five Ways To Launch a JMeter Test without Using the JMeter GUI

Easily run JMeter tests without having to use the JMeter GUI. Learn five quick and new ways to execute JMX files and run your load tests.

Five Ways to Approach Using Apache JMeter

We focus a lot of our posts here at the BlazeMeter blog on Apache JMeter, the leading open source load testing tool for load and performance testing, and even backend functional testing (more on that

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View the Webcast: How to Create Advanced Load Testing Scenarios with JMeter

Do your JMeter scripts reflect realistic load scenarios? You can now view our recent webinar for experienced JMeter users to learn how to make JMeter work best for you.    A bit of backg

Recording File Uploads with JMeter

Learn JMeter recording to create your load testing scripts. You can also easily use the free BlazeMeter Chrome Extension, and start your performance testing immediately!

How to Run JMeter Tests with TeamCity for Continuous Integration

We recently covered how to run JMeter in a Continuous Integration (CI) environment with Jenkins and with Bamboo.  Today’s article covers the process of running a JMeter test using TeamCity.

Meetup Recap on Using Taurus to Automate JMeter and Jenkins Tests

Learn how to use Taurus, an open source test automation framework. Get everything you need from these resources and view the successful meetup we had about Taurus.

Developers & QA: Are You Accidentally Breaking the Law by Load Testing Your Website?

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a set of questions that run through your head whenever you run a performance test on your website or app. These may include:   Will my

How to Ramp Up in Steps in Your Load Tests

The user ramp up is all too often overlooked in load testing.   When launching a test, we usually divide the concurrent users by the ramp up value that was set before the test.   Let&r

Why You Must Use JMeter Assertions in Your Load Tests

Assertions in JMeter are used to compare actual test results to the expected results of requests. This post will explain that even though there are ways to get around using assertions, it is highly

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View the Webcast: Agile Load Testing Boot Camp

Are the load tests that you run fit for Agile product development? Are the different members of your team able to test at every development stage? A recording of our recent webinar, Agile Load Testing

How to Run 50,000 Concurrent Users from Multi GEOs Using Locust.IO

BlazeMeter is historically a JMeter shop, but lately we’ve started supporting all leading open source tools including Gatling, Locust.IO, and more.     To be more specific, this means that