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Why Use Selenium For Automation Testing

Selenium test scripts can be written in multiple languages. This article outlines how the components in the Selenium tool suite make it the best automation testing tool.

Mainframe Batch Testing with Zowe, JMeter, Taurus and BlazeMeter

Learn about mainframe batch testing, and how it can be accomplished by integrating open source Zowe with JMeter, and then run in BlazeMeter using Taurus.

How to Migrate from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter in 4 Easy Steps

The migration process from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter might seem intimidating. This post provides 4 easy steps to help plan, design and execute script migration.

How to Run a K6 Load Test in BlazeMeter with Taurus

BlazeMeter allows users to run K6-based test suites through Taurus so users can identify regressions and new problems. This blog post will explain how to easily run your K6 test in BlazeMeter with just a few steps.

IoT Testing Using the MQTT Protocol, JMeter and BlazeMeter

A hands-on tutorial of how to set up a Broker package and run a performance test on it, with JMeter and BlazeMeter. For IoT testing of the MQTT protocol. Start now.

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How to Share Dedicated IPs Between BlazeMeter Workspaces

In BlazeMeter, your dedicated IPs might be provisioned to a certain workspace. But this can be easily fixed! Let’s see how.

Using JMeter's HTTP Header Manager

This blog post was updated for accuracy in July 2021.   In our last post, JMeter's Superpower: The HTTP Proxy Server, we discussed how to use the HTTP Proxy Server to record

How to Use BeanShell: JMeter's Favorite Built-in Component

The ultimate guide to JMeter's beanshell. Everything you need to know to create flexible performance scripts for load testing your website or app.

Resolve, Reuse, Repeat: Optimize the Testing Journey

Blog #3 in our series about ensuring quality in web applications with BlazeMeter. This time we cover debugging and testing optimization.

Should You Load Test Your Applications?

Web-based services and applications have become critical to our daily lives, especially in the context of the COVID-19. Learn how to overcome website outages. 

9 Easy Solutions for a JMeter Load Test “Out of Memory” Failure

All the JMeter solutions to the ultimate load testing problem: the out of memory failure error. Get quick and easy fixes to memory issues in your load test.

How to Install and Upgrade the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension

The BlazeMeter Chrome Extension is a free recording tool for recording, browsing, uploading and running your testing scripts. Read on to learn how to upgrade and configure the Chrome extension and how to run it in incognito mode.

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How to Test Mainframe LPARs with the JMeter RTE Plugin and BlazeMeter OPL

LPARs (logical partitions) are a virtualized separate machine that are a subset of the computer’s hardware. This blog post will explain how to test mainframe LPARs with BlazeMeter and the JMeter RTE plugin.

Automating Private Location Installations with BlazeMeter

Learn how to speed up the creation of BlazeMeter private locations on-demand. Test faster and save resources.