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The JMeter XPath2 Extractor: How to Achieve Better Correlations

Correlate better and achieve more scale with the JMeter XPath2 Extractor. This guide will show you when and how to use it to ramp up your load testing today.

Introducing the JMeter Correlation Recorder Plugin

The new JMeter correlation recorder plugin by BlazeMeter Labs enables automatic correlation during recording to allow replaying. Easily run your load test scripts faster.

API Testing and API Monitoring: The Complete Guide

A clear and concise guide to learn what is API Testing and API Monitoring and how you can easily run them in your QA and software development lifecycle. Get tips and tricks.

6 Tips for Secure Cloud Testing

Cyber attacks commonly target the software supply chain attack surface. Here’s how to ensure your performance testing in the cloud is secure. Protect your data.

How to Convert Your Postman API Tests to JMeter for Scaling

Convert your Postman and Newman API tests to JMeter for load testing and performance testing. Easily switch to get scalability and find user bottlenecks today.

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How to Add Test Data to Your BlazeMeter Functional Tests

Easily add test data to your BlazeMeter functional tests with these simple steps. Just map, select, define and add and get better testing and code quality.

Introducing BlazeMeter VSE

BlazeMeter VSE (Virtual Services Environment) is finally a reality. Your favorite Service Virtualization software has taken a huge leap into the world of SaaS.

Updating a StatusPage Component with Webhook Listeners

Learn more advanced use cases for building and running BlazeMeter API Monitoring to update a Status Page component.

Deploying BlazeMeter Private Locations on Azure Kubernetes Service

This post is a guide to deploying BlazeMeter Private Locations on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). AKS will be a means to our deployment but the general procedure, outside of creating the cluster and A

Building a Webhook Listener using BlazeMeter API Monitoring

Working with webhooks can give you superpowers to automate all different sorts of workflows. Here I will go into more detail about how to build a webhook listener with BlazeMeter API Monitoring.

Top 3 Options for Running Performance Tests Behind a Corporate Firewall

One of the biggest struggles that many Performance Testing Engineers face when running tests from a cloud environment is how to test behind their company’s firewall.   Luckily, BlazeMeter h

What's New in JMeter 5.3

Learn all about new updates to JMeter with Jmeter 5.3

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How to Monitor Server Resource Utilization with JMeter’s SSHMon Listener

Monitor your server KPIs for better load testing. This blog post will teach you to get server resource utilization metrics from the JMeter SSHMon Listener.

How to Monitor Your Server Health & Performance During a JMeter Load Test

Analyze your load test results and pinpoint the underlying issues with this guide for monitoring server health metrics. Use JMeter and get system health KPIs.