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Jan 12 2015

5 Unmissable DevOps Events in 2015

It may be 2015 but DevOps is still an evolving market. As such, there’s no fixed ‘go-to’ annual DevOps conference (yet!). All the more reason then, to make sure that we attend the most important conferences taking place in the field this year.


We researched high and low, listened to the community, and drew upon our own experience...and finally came up with a list of five “must-see” conferences. All of these events are highly educational, will be attended top players in the field, and discuss the most popular DevOps solutions on the market today.


Start marking your calendars!


1 - DevOpsDays  


When & Where?
Feb-July, Europe & America


Why it’s Important
This conference doesn’t just aim to educate and evangelize DevOps, but ultimately to shape and structure it.  It continues to grow in popularity every year, attracting techies from all over the world who wish to share their practical experience and use cases. DevOpsDays always has great practical sessions that discuss and reveal a broad range of new methodologies and practices.


This two-day conference is organized by local teams in each participating country. Don’t miss the next one near you!  


Find out more about DevOpsDays 2015


2 - O’Reilly Velocity


When & Where?
May 27-29, 2015, Santa Clara, CA


Why it’s Important

You can learn from top DevOps thought leaders and early adopters, such as Gene Kim - @realgenekim (who co-authored The Phoenix Project) and John Allspaw - @allspaw (SVP DevOps at Etsy). This popular conference attracts web developers and ops team members who come to learn, network, and meet today’s IT gurus.


Find out more about Velocity 2015


3 - AWS re:Invent


When & Where?
November 2015, Las Vegas (Exact Date TBD)


Why it’s Important

It’s the annual Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud conference - need I say more?


As the market leader, AWS recognizes the need to educate the IT market about the cloud. DevOps heavily depends on the existence of the cloud, with the option to “code the infrastructure” as an important DevOps feature. Organizations of all kinds start their move to modern IT by adopting the cloud’s perception and flexibility, only to realize that the next steps are automation and DevOps. AWS re:Invent 2014 had more than 200 educational breakout sessions which supported both entry level cloud users and advanced cloud and DevOps adopters.


Find out more about AWS re:Invent 2015


4 - Monitorama USA


When & Where?
June 15-17, Portland, USA


Why it’s Important

Monitoring the application stack is a key aspect of DevOps - but making sure you’re using the right monitoring toolkit isn’t always so easy. At Monitora USA, you’ll hear from the world’s leading open


source developers, web operations experts, and associated thought leaders on the best monitoring tools and techniques.


In this jungle of monitoring tools, Monitora will help you decide which ones you should carry in your toolkit.


Find out more about Monitorama 2015


5 - FutureStack


When & Where?


Why it’s Important

Produced by our good friends at NewRelic, FutureStack is one of the youngest and most interesting modern IT conferences around. If you’re a developer, DevOps engineer, IT manager or sysadmin, you’ll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of people just like you! Spend two days learning about how others in your field deliver, integrate, and monitor applications in their modern, fast changing IT environments.


Find out more about FutureStack 2014 - & stay posted for updates on this year’s conference.


Of course, there are many more developer, IT and cloud events lined up that are relevant and important for DevOps, such as PuppetConf, DockerCon, PyCon, ChefCon etc.

No-one can get to all of them! So, don’t feel bad if you can’t attend the ones mentioned above, there are always real-time online video streams and twitter hashtags to keep you engaged and updated at all times.

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