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Feb 27 2018

11 Contributions BlazeMeter Made to the Open Source Load Testing Community

Here at BlazeMeter, we put an important emphasis on contributing to the open-source load testing community. Our main contributions have been to Apache JMeter™, the most popular open-source performance testing tool, but we have also added to additional tools, like Jenkins and Locust.


Here are 11 of our main contributions:


1. Over the years, BlazeMeter has fixed bugs and added elements to the JMeter project. These include a new DNS Cache Manager to improve CDN testing, access to Request Headers in Regex Extractor, using FileServer for HTTP Request files and removing the Workbench from the test script in JMeter 4. A complete list can be found here.


2. JMeter Plugins is supported and developed by BlazeMeter’s Andrey Pokhilko and Artem Fedorov. The 70+ plugins extend JMeter’s functionality to testing more services, creating more advanced testing scenarios and using more tools to test.


3. BlazeMeter developed the HLS plugin, enabling easier load testing for live streaming services instead of complex workarounds.


4. BlazeMeter’s Artem Fedorov contributed the JSON assertion, which asserts JSON documents, to core JMeter version 4.


5. Andrey and Artem also developed the JMeter Parallel Controller. The Parallel Controller is used to execute requests simultaneously.


6. Artem Fedorov maintains and develops the Jenkins performance plugin, which was an abandoned project beforehand. This plugin shown performance trends reports from popular tools like JMeter, Taurus and JUnit.


7. Artem Fedorov added two improvements to core Jenkins, fixing the issue that caused decimal numbers for JUnit’s health factor in Pipeline snippets to result in invalid code.


8. BlazeMeter contributed patches to improve distributed testing to


9. BlazeMeter contributed to the Molotov load testing project, by adding scenarios and events.


10. BlazeMeter’s Andrey Pokhilko, Taras Svirinovsky and Dimitri Pribysh develop and manage Taurus, an open source framework, that automates open source load and functional testing tools used by the community, making them accessible and easy to use.


11. BlazeMeter creates hundreds of blog posts, webinars, meetups and tutorials each year about open source tools and best practices, for JMeter, Gatling, Locust, Jenkins, Taurus, and more, to be consumed by the developer community. BlazeMeter dedicates personnel and financial resources specifically for this.


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