4 Benefits of Continuous Testing and How to Get Started
July 6, 2023

Agility, Speed, and Performance: Adopting Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing

For many teams, graduating their testing strategy to the level of automated testing is a big step. But there are always ways to continue to improve and optimize, and the next logical step in your testing journey is adopting continuous testing. 

While the benefits of continuous testing are plentiful — such as exposing risks earlier and receiving immediate feedback — you may still be determining whether a continuous testing model is an ideal solution for your business. 

In this blog, you will learn what continuous testing is, what makes a great continuous testing solution, and what testing teams find most valuable about BlazeMeter.

What is Continuous Testing?

Continuous testing is the process of testing earlier and more often in the software development lifecycle. 

By doing so, your teams will see success in the ability to test at every single stage along the CI/CD pipeline, exposing risks early, continuously improving testing methods, immediate and continuous feedback, and an overall better built software. 

Incorporating a powerful testing partner like Perfecto can also dramatically improve the quality of your testing. Pairing the two will bring comprehensive application quality from mobile to mainframe. 

What Makes a Great Continuous Testing Solution?

If you are in the market for a continuous testing tool, there are a few key components you should be sure it has. 

A continuous testing solution that you can rely on should include: 

  • Enablement to shift-left testing 
  • Comprehensive, all-in-one testing (no more patchwork testing strategies!) 
  • A cloud-based, open-source platform 
  • Industry-leading performance and load testing capability 
  • Testing environments created on the fly 
  • Intelligent mock services 
  • Built-in test data 
  • API testing and monitoring 

What Testing Teams Look For In a Continuous Testing Solution

We conducted a wide-ranging survey across the entire BlazeMeter customer base to determine what they prioritize in a continuous testing solution, and so we can continue to best serve their needs. Here is what we found. 

Integrated Testing Solution 

About 56% of our surveyed customers agree that it is important to have an integrated testing solution. An integrated testing solution should offer test data creation, intelligent mock services, and API testing on the same platform. 

One-Stop Shop for Testing 

A common debate when selecting a testing tool is whether teams prefer a single-vendor integrated testing platform or a “best-of-breed" approach that uses a different tool based on a particular aspect of testing. 

60% of respondents said they prefer a single-vendor integrated testing platform due to there being less training and expense required.

The Power of Performance Testing 

For the vast majority of testing teams, performance testing has become more relevant than ever. Today, its place in the software development life cycle is far more prominent than it was in the past. 

A whopping 88% of those surveyed said they prefer BlazeMeter for their performance testing solution. 

CI/CD Pipeline Integration 

The CI/CD pipeline plays a vital role in testing, and the approaches to testing it can be very particular depending on the preferences of the team. Nearly every BlazeMeter customer uses a CI/CD pipeline tool, such as Jenkins or GitHub. 

It is evident that customers want a continuous testing solution that works with their pipeline and supports open-source. With BlazeMeter, 75% of customers said that our platform best fits into their CI/CD pipeline initiatives.

Bottom Line

The results and the reviews speak for themselves. From mobile to mainframe, IDE or UI, BlazeMeter brings teams together. Through a single platform, teams can share visibility, tests, reports, and more. 

There are a multitude of benefits of choosing BlazeMeter as your continuous testing solution. About 73% of customers said BlazeMeter provides improved testing efficiency. Other benefits noted in the survey include decreased development cycle time, higher quality code, and faster application deployments.

Developers and testers are enabled to work together using the same tool, yet fine-tune their focus based on their level of expertise. The true one-stop continuous testing shop, BlazeMeter features performance testing, functional testing, scriptless, API testing and monitoring, test data, and mock services.

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