BlazeMeter Officially Joins Perforce
November 2, 2021

BlazeMeter Officially Joins Perforce


Monday, Nov 1, 2021 was officially our first work day at BlazeMeter by Perforce.  I couldn’t be more excited.  Over the last week I had the opportunity to meet face to face, yes! face to face, with the Perforce team in Minneapolis (My first flight in 19 months!). The entire team appears to be as happy about this acquisition as I am.  We’re at the start of something really great.

The atmosphere/culture of Perforce is pretty cool as well. While we were there, the entire company had a Halloween costume party/contest, and the BlazeMeter team might have been the only team not dressed up.  Next year we’ll be sure to win the costume contest (no, I’m not competitive ? ).

One question we were asked while on site: “What is the one thing that you’re most excited about with the transition over to Perforce?”  It’s hard to say just one thing. Perforce has a great culture, and we’re really going to enjoy being part of it. Everyone we have met and worked with is friendly, smart, and incredibly focused on customer success. And, with Perforce, we can grow BlazeMeter even more. BlazeMeter did very well under the stewardship of Broadcom, where it concentrated on delivering to focused set of enterprise companies. The importance of those organizations will never change, but now we are complemented by a complete team that is solely focused on testing and quality. BlazeMeter has capabilities that are vital to organizations of all sizes and across multiple verticals. Perforce is providing us the ability to deliver to all those audiences, while at the same time, expanding the capabilities of the solution so that everyone benefits from the additional functionality.

It’s not only me that sees the potential here. I have been on many analyst and customer calls in the last couple of weeks (un tour de force, if you will) and excitement is almost 100% universal.

Now speaking of customers, I have been asked, more than once: “What does Perforce mean?”  Well, I had to look it up.  I’m not an English major after all.  “Perforce: by force of circumstances or of necessity.”  To use it in a sentence, “Perforce acquired perforce BlazeMeter because they understood the massive value BlazeMeter will bring to their testing, quality and DevOps solutions.”  And how to pronounce Perforce: go here.

To summarize, BlazeMeter and Perforce will dominate perforce the quality testing space due to the unique and complete solution the combined forces will bring to bear.

As always, I’m always interested to hear what you think. Drop me a comment, or drop me a note on LinkedIn.



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