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Nov 30 2015

BlazeMeter Contributes XMPP Testing Capabilities to Open Source JMeter Plugins Project

BlazeMeter, who frequently contributes to key improvements in Apache JMeter, recently contributed XMPP/Jabber testing capabilities to the open source JMeter community, through the JMeter Plugins project.


This new plugin will enable any company that uses XMPP/Jabber as part of their technology stack now how has the ability to easily load test it using JMeter. It should also be noted that BlazeMeter is 100% compatible with JMeter.


"BlazeMeter's XMPP Set" includes both the XMPP Connection Config item and XMPP Sampler.


The new XMPP testing capabilities in JMeter Plugins provides an easy way to test XMPP, which previously did not exist. There is Tsung, for example, but it requires knowledge of Erlang. BlazeMeter’s XMPP plugins, however, offer a UI for the most common actions, which can include connecting, logging in, sending a message, updating a status, joining a multi-user chat, and more.


BlazeMeter has tested and verified that the new JMeter plugin works with the most common XMPP servers, like Smack, ejabberd, Openfire and HipChat.




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